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Ultimate Pencil Sharpener


Ultimate Pencil Sharpener
Red Aspen’s Ultimate Pencil Sharpener is just that- ULTIMATE! Designed with premium cosmetic pencils in mind, this sharpener can handle a multitude of pencil diameters. Its movable, built-in second blade system changes the pencil point option from round to sharp with the flick of its lever.
It also comes with a removable, built-in cleaning stick to keep premium tempered steel blades in tip-top shape.

What it is: A pencil sharpener designed to sharpen premium cosmetic pencils.
What it does: Sharpens pencils of varying diameters to a sharp point or round point with the flick of a lever.
What else you need to know: German Engineered Blade.
Steel blade.
Directions: Open plastic cover on either side of sharpener and match the pencil size with appropriate hole. Note that the pink adapter is removable to accommodate jumbo pencils. Move lever on the side of the sharpener toward pencil to create a sharp point, and away from pencil to create a round point.

To sharpen, turn pencil in direction of sharp point of blade.

To clean, remove plastic cover and discard pencil shavings, then use plastic built-in cleaning stick to safely remove any product remnants on blade.

Warning: Use only as directed. Do not use for any other purpose than cosmetic pencil sharpening.