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Lash Applicator


Lash Applicator
Whether you're a lash novice or expert, our hot pink lash applicator is for you. Not only will our applicator aid in lash glue application, but it will help you apply your lashes in seconds with precision and accuracy. Plus, we dare you to find a snazzier applicator out there. DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU

What it is: Hot pink lash applicator for beginners and experts alike!
What it does: Easy to use applicator that helps you pick up and apply your lashes to your lashline like a pro! Aids in lash glue application as well.
What else you need to know: Cruelty free
Made of metal with a soft coated exterior.
CLASP false lash near lash band and ALIGN applicator curved end with lash curve. APPLY lash adhesive to lash band. Using Applicator, PLACE lash just above natural lash line. CLEAN after use and store in a dry, clean area.