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The Comprehensive Self-Tanning Guide: How to Use Red Aspen Tanning Products & Accessories

If you’re already familiar with Red Aspen nail dashes, then you likely know how Red Aspen’s take on press-on nails can help women achieve salon-quality manicures from home, with easy application as well! 

That being said, Red Aspen is known for more than just our premium press-on nails. In fact, we’ve made quite the name for ourselves in the self-tanning space, with quality products that make it easy and affordable for real women to achieve the perfect self-tan. Yep, you enjoy a year-round glow that’ll make everyone think you’ve just gotten back from a relaxing beach vacation, no matter the season!

However, to achieve the best results from our self tanners and tanning accessories, it’s important to use these products correctly. In other words, there’s a bit of information you need beforehand to get the most bang for your buck. In this blog, we’re offering everything you need to know about using Red Aspen tanning products. From our tanning mousse to our kabuki brush applicator, here’s the comprehensive guide to using self-tanning products and accessories by Red Aspen! 

Red Aspen Tanning Mousse

You may think that achieving the perfect fake tan requires being a self-tanning expert or even blowing hundreds of dollars on a professional spray tan. If you’re like most people, you might have even second-guessed the thought of indoor tanning, the risks of tanning beds have come more mainstream. 

Thankfully, there are safer, healthier ways to achieve that radiant, sun-kissed glow you’ve always dreamed of, starting with Red Aspen Tanning Mousse!  Made with a highly pigmented, fast drying formula containing ingredients beneficial to your skin’s health, you’ll enjoy the numerous benefits of rose essential oil and DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid with numerous benefits of its own). Likewise, Red Aspen self tanning mousse uses state-of-the-art color guide technology to help minimize transfer and streaks/stripes. Best of all, the process is relatively quick, meaning you’ll have a beautiful, more natural-looking tan in only four to eight hours!

Note: For everything you need to apply Red Aspen Tanning Mousse, we recommend purchasing our Tanning Mousse Essentials Bundle. Not only does it include our Tanning Mousse, but you’ll receive an easy-to-use Exfoliating Mitt, a Kabuki Brush, a Tanning Back Applicator, a Tanning Mini Mitt, and a regular-sized Tanning Mitt as well! In other words, you’ll score a $96 self-tan value for only $86.40!

How to Apply Tanning Mousse

  1. Exfoliate your skin (more on how to do this in our Exfoliating Mitt section, below). 
  2. Dry your skin thoroughly.
  3. To prepare for application, moisturize any dry areas of your skin (i.e. your hands, knees, ankles, elbows, etc.) using our Body Cream or, if you need a fragrance-free lotion, try our Hand Cream instead!
  4. Shake the bottle of Tanning Mousse well and apply it using your Tanning Mitt (you’ll find more detailed instructions on how to use that below).
  5. Leave the mousse on your skin for four to eight hours—the longer you leave it on, the deeper your tan will be.
  6. Take a shower to remove the excess product and you’ll be ready to go with a stunning full-body tan that’s sure to turn heads! 

Alternatively, if you’d like a product you can use on your face and your body, consider using Red Aspen Tanning Drops instead. You can also mix as many drops as you want into your favorite lotion, giving you tons of control over the intensity of your final result. 

Red Aspen Tanning Mitts

Made from washable, velvety soft material, Red Aspen Tanning Mitts can help you achieve the perfect, streak-free tan every time!. Here’s how:

Mini Tanning Mitts for Self Tanning on Face

Like with our full-size Tanning Mitts, our Mini Tanning Mitts are made from a soft and velvety fabric that’s washable and reusable. However, because they’re smaller, they make it easier to apply self-tanner to areas of skin with less surface area, such as your face. Best of all, the application process is just as easy!

How to Use a Tanning Mitt

  1. Apply Tanning Mousse to your self tanning mitt.
  2. Rub it over your body in even, circular motions.
  3. Follow the same procedure with your Mini Tanning Mitt, but apply the product to your face and to other areas that are hard to reach with the full size mitt.

Red Aspen Back Tan Applicator

To get a truly natural self-tan result and avoid streaks and tan lines, you’ll need to apply Red Aspen Tanning Mousse evenly to your entire back as well. Thankfully, we have just the right tool for the job! 

Thanks to the Red Aspen Tanning Back Applicator, you won’t have to flail around like a T-Rex trying to reach every part of your back. Trust us, not worth it! Instead, take advantage of the self tanning back applicator’s long strip of the same smooth material as our Tanning Mitts, with easy-grip handles that let you apply mousse evenly to every inch of your back. 

How to Self Tan Your Back

  1. Apply several pumps of Tanning Mousse on the center of the self tan back applicator. 
  2. Place the back tan applicator over your shoulder.
  3. Holding one of the hand straps in each of your hands, move the Tanning Back Applicator across your back from side to side in a see-saw motion, making sure to move methodically from top to bottom for a perfect finish.

Red Aspen Exfoliating Mitt

Applying self tanner to dry and flaky skin can lead to patchy, unnatural-looking results. This means that exfoliation isn’t an optional, but essential step before you apply Red Aspen Tanning Mousse. Thankfully, our Exfoliating Mitt for body is made of microfiber, versatile enough to be used on wet or dry skin. Best of all, it’s washable and reusable. 

How to Use a Exfoliating Mitt

  1. Scrub your skin with one of our exfoliating mitts in the shower, or wet the mitt and scrub your skin.
  2. You can also use the mitt dry if you would prefer.

Red Aspen Kabuki Brush

Next up, Red Aspen’s Kabuki Brush is key to blending out any and all imperfections as you apply your new Tanning Mousse. The gentle, luxurious bristles of kabuki brushes are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, and they make it easy to get a smooth finish on challenging self-tanning areas (i.e., your face, elbows, hands, wrists, etc.). 

How to Use a Kabuki Brush

  1. Apply half a pump of Tanning Mousse to your Kabuki Brush.
  2. Using circular motions, spread the mousse across your skin on any spots that need to be blended and evened out.

Build a Better Self-Tanning Routine with Red Aspen

So, there you have it–everything you need to enjoy a flawless fake tan! Whether you’re new to self-tanning or just looking to give your current routine a boost, you owe it to yourself to check out all the amazing products Red Aspen has to offer! 

Contact a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador to learn how you can build a better self-tanning routine with Red Aspen tanning products and accessories today! 

Written by: Kerry Cron

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