Loyalty Subscription Boxes

Sign up for exclusive, press-on nails and false lashes and at a discount. You can skip a month, change it up, or cancel your Loyalty Box subscription at any time.


How Our Loyalty Box Works

Choose from a lash or nail subscription box, or both! Customize your nail subscription box by selecting short or medium length. Can't make up your mind? Get them all! You deserve it.
Exclusive Drops
Our Loyalty Boxes feature exclusive, never-before-released products that are conveniently delivered to your door every single month at a discount. How easy is that?
Extra Savings
Discounted products? Yes, please! Each subscription box comes with two Nail Dashes for $25, or one False Lash for $15. Get a mimosa with the money you save.
No Strings
You’re not locked in. Enjoy the flexibility to change your order any time before it processes. Skip, swap, or cancel lash or nail subscription boxes when it works for you.

2024 Loyalty Box


In 2024, Red Aspen's Loyalty Box includes a monthly delivery of empowering words alongside Dashes or Lashes tailored to uplift your spirit and mindset. Our affirmation Nail Dashes and Lashes were designed to inspire positivity, boost confidence, and nurture self-love.

June Loyalty Box - She is Fearless

It’s June, a time for celebrating your boundless energy and free spirit! This month’s Loyalty Box theme is “She is Fearless.” As you set aside your inhibitions and discover exciting new opportunities, let this be a reminder that "you are daring, you are courageous, and you are soaring in self-confidence."

Mirror Cling

Each month, alongside our Dashes and Lashes curated with love, unwrap a mirror cling affirmation card in your Red Aspen Loyalty Box. These messages are crafted to uplift your spirits, filling each day with positivity and reminding yourself that you are cherished, powerful, and loved.