Get a Manicure in a Dash with the best press on nails around!

What are Red Aspen Nail Dashes?

Red Aspen’s Nail Dashes (press-on nails) offer a salon-quality manicure for a fraction of the price and time you’d spend at a salon.





Easy to Apply

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The Details

Red Aspen Nails are a customizable, press on manicure that can be applied in minutes at a fraction of the salon cost. Red Aspen Dashes come in a variety of nail shapes and lengths and can be worn for up to 2 weeks or switched out every few days. Press on, reshape and mix up your mani in minutes with Red Aspen press on nails.

Each Nail Dash set includes:
24-30 press on nails in multiple sizes to fit petite, average, and large nail beds
Mini nail file
Mini cuticle pusher stick
Mini nail glue




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Why are they called Nail "Dashes"?

Because they are so quick to apply - you can apply them in a dash!

How much do Red Aspen press on nails cost?

Red Aspen’s press-on nails start at $12 and vary in price based on their finish and length.

How to apply Red Aspen press-on nails

1. Remove any nail polish. Wash and dry hands.

2. Push back cuticles with the included cuticle stick.

3. Gently buff your natural nail.

4. Clean the nail with rubbing alcohol or wipe.

5. Select Dashes that fit all 10 of your natural nails and set aside.

6. When applying, start with pinkies and work inward, ending with thumbs. The number on the inside of the Dash will go toward your finger tip away from the cuticle.

7. Apply glue to the natural nail and back of Dash, based on desired glue wear time.

8. Let glue dry for a few seconds, then align Dash with cuticle and apply at a 45-degree angle. Press firmly for 30 seconds.

9. File or gently clip Dash to desired length and shape.

10. To reapply, add glue to the back of Dash after repeating steps above.

How to remove Red Aspen press-on nails

1. Soak in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes. 

2. Lift from side of Dash to remove. Apply light pressure - never force removal. Soak for additional time if necessary. 

3. Remove excess nail glue and restore natural nails using the blue then pink side of the included buffer.

Important Tips: Wait at least 5 days or until nails begin to pop-off on their own before removing. To speed up removal, you can also use cuticle oil - apply a few drops around the cuticle. The oil will help break down the glue.

What comes in a pack of Red Aspen Nail Dashes?

Each Red Aspen Dash pack comes with at least 24 nails (you’ll only need 10, which means you’ll have 14 backup nails), a mini cuticle stick, a mini dual buffer/ file combo, a nail glue, and a silver mat.

What shapes and lengths* are available?

  • Petite length (extra short)
  • Short length (Square shape)
  • Medium length (Almond, Coffin, Square)
  • Long length (Coffin shape)

*Dashes can be clipped and/or filed to achieve your desired length and shape!

What are the benefits of Red Aspen's press-on nails?

Easy to apply, Non-damaging, Apply in minutes, Fraction of the salon cost, Variety of shapes, lengths & finishes not easily obtained through polish, stickers or wraps.

What makes Red Aspen Nail Dashes so wonderful?

Cruelty-free, phthalate free, paraben free, appropriate for all skin types.

How much glue should I use?

The amount of glue you use depends on how long you’d like to wear your Dashes. Here’s a handy reference:

1-3 days: Apply a thin line of glue from natural nail cuticle to tip.

4-6 days: Apply pearl sized dot of glue to natural nail.

7-14 days: Apply thin layer of glue to back of Dash + pea size dot of glue to natural nail.

What are the Red Aspen nail glue ingredients?

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate

What makes Red Aspen Nail Glue so special?

Red Aspen’s nail glue bonds like an acrylic but dissolves and breaks down over time with wear to keep your natural nails in tip top shape without damage. The glue is durable, and the more glue you use the longer your Dashes will stay on. Be sure to always remove Dashes per Red Aspen’s instructions (see above) to avoid nail damage.  

What do I do about glue residue?

If you’d like to reapply your Red Aspen Nail Dash and it has residue on it, simply use a cuticle or nail clipper to clip it off. You can also use something stiff to push it off. 

If you get residue on the top of your Dash during application, no worries! Remove the excess glue with nail polish remover and a cotton round. We don't recommend using nail polish remover on matte dashes in order to preserve their finish, vinegar is a great alternative. If you have excess nail glue residue left on your natural nails, remove it by using the blue, then the pink side of the buffer to restore your natural nail.

How do I know if Red Aspen Nail Dashes will fit my nail beds?

Each press-on nail pack comes with at least 24 nails so you have plenty of sizes to choose from. If you have petite nail beds we highly recommend using the short/square nail option. Those with longer nail beds will enjoy the medium length option. Nail Dashes also file with ease, so you shouldn’t have a problem if you need to create a custom shape to fit your nail bed.

Can I apply press-on nails over gels or acrylics?

You can, but we don’t recommend it as it makes Nail Dash removal very difficult.

Can I reshape the Dashes?

Yes! You can easily get your desired look and shape by filing and/or clipping your Dashes. Use nail clippers to cut down the length of the Dashes, and use a file for touch-ups and reshaping. Please note that reshaping does cause minor fading at the tip of the Dash, but this can be touched up with the included file. 

If your Dash has a special finish on it (chrome, metallic, etc.) reshaping the Dash will break the special finish coating causing your finish to break down faster. This is not an issue for shiny nails. Read the next question for more on this. We don't recommend reshaping matte dashes in order to preserve their finish.

Tip: Cure with clear gel top coat to lock in design after reshaping

Can I paint over my Nail Dashes?

You can paint over any of our shiny Dashes using regular polish or gel polish. We recommend painting your Dashes before application for best results. Please note that once you’ve painted your nails you may not be able to restore them to their original color.  

Tip: Paint your dashes BEFORE applying them to your fingers. Lay Dashes on double sided tape, paint and let dry before applying.

I work in a salon, I take really hot showers, and I love hot tubs. Should I be concerned about my Dashes coming off because my hands are under hot water?

Dashes need pressure, not just water, for removal. Just because your hands are in hot water does not mean your Dashes will come off.

What kind of wear and tear can I expect on my nails over time?

Over time you can expect standard wear and tear on your nails. Depending on how hard you are on your nails you can expect some scratching. Press-on nails with a special finish (matte, chrome, metallic, etc.) will also become shiny over time, and the finish will fade even faster if you clip, file, or shape your nail since you are opening the special finish casing on the Dash. 

If you are hard on your nails or use your hands frequently we recommend using shiny Dashes. We don't recommend reshaping matte dashes in order to preserve their finish.

Are Nail Dashes and the corresponding glue cruelty-free?

Yes! As with all Red Aspen products, Nail Dashes are cruelty-free.

What do I do if a nail pops off?

No worries! We’ve got you covered. First, we highly recommend carrying glue around with you in your purse (just make sure the cap is tightly closed!) just in case. If some nails come off before others it is because the application was not consistent. Apply more glue to the back of your Dash and on your natural nail, reapply, and press down for 30 seconds.

I'm having a hard time getting my nails to stay on. What's going on?

Our recommendation? More glue and be sure to follow the instructions. Some of the most common reasons your Dash may pop off include:

  1. Your Dash overlaps on your skin.
  2. Air bubbles in the glue- be sure to apply your Dash at a 45-degree angle from your cuticle.   
  3. Your natural nail beds are oily. Don’t forget to clean your nail during the prep.
  4. Your natural nails are very smooth. Don’t forget to gently buff your natural nail during prep.
  5. You didn't use enough glue. Add a dot of glue to each Dash and the back of your nail. Let the glue get tacky for a few seconds, then apply.
  6. Press down, press down, press down for 30 seconds! The longer and harder you press down on the Dash after applying the better. If the Dash doesn’t get pressure air bubbles will form causing the nail to pop off.   
  7. You’re hard on your hands. Do you enjoy gardening, lifting weights and playing volleyball? You should opt for the longest glue application time frame even if you only plan on wearing your Dashes for a few days.

How to keep press-on nails from popping off?

The best way to keep your press-on nails from popping off is to care for your nails and be sure to follow all of the above instructions for applying your nail dashes. This includes gently buffing your natural nails during prep, cleaning your nails the right way before application, and using the appropriate amount of nail glue. 

Additionally, think carefully about the kind of press-on nails you wish to wear and your general lifestyle. 

Like nail shape, nail length is important to consider when browsing a cute collection of press-on nails. Your lifestyle plays a significant role in what nail length might be a better fit for you. If you're someone who enjoys attending lots of weddings, birthday celebrations, or formal events, then longer nails will suit those occasions perfectly and help elevate those looks.

However, if you're putting long hours in at the gym, hiking with your besties, or adventuring outdoors on the weekends, then longer nails might just break or get in the way, making shorter nails a better fit. Likewise, if your job requires lots of typing or you enjoy cooking more often, then longer nails might not be ideal when it's time to write up reports or wash the dishes.

Whatever your lifestyle, it's important to know which nail shapes complement your everyday grind the most. Sure you can experiment, but take a few moments to think about how often you want to switch things up. With so many cute options for long, short, and medium nails, you don't have to settle for just one!

Can I use my nail glue on my lashes?

NO!!!! Nail glue is an eye irritant and should NOT be used in place of your lash glue. Nail glue will bond to your skin and eyes in seconds. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact your physician.

Any other warnings I should be aware of?

Good question! Here’s the full warning

CAUTION: EYE IRRITANT! Nail glue can bond skin and eyes in seconds. Contains cyanoacrylate. DO NOT USE NEAR OR ON EYES. Do not ingest. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact your physician. Can cause irritation to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid nail glue contact with fabric or furniture. Use only as directed.