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6 Reasons to Become a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador or Affiliate: A Simple Guide to Social Selling Beauty & Cosmetic Products

Consider yourself a fabulous, fierce woman with a passion for beauty and cosmetics? Red Aspen might just be your beacon of business opportunity! Scroll down to learn the six benefits that make Red Aspen the best choice for you to begin your journey into social selling.

The 6 Benefits of Beauty Social Selling at Red Aspen

There are tons of reasons to make Red Aspen your cosmetic social selling company of choice. While it’s tough to boil them down, here are the top six worth your consideration:

1. Earn Commissions & Free Product Packages

One of the best parts about social selling with Red Aspen is the ability to earn commissions and free product packages. When you social sell with Red Aspen, you’ll receive generous commissions on your sales (click here to learn more about what that looks like). You can also receive free product packages as a reward for selling a certain amount of Red Aspen products. These powerful incentives make social selling with Red Aspen highly motivating, empowering, and rewarding! 

Social Selling Tools Are Included

At Red Aspen, our team has developed intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly effective social selling tools. These can all be accessed through the Treehouse Website. By working with us, you gain access to these tools from day one.

2. Build Your Business From Home

There are few things more rewarding and empowering than working and providing for your loved ones from home. By harnessing the power of social selling, you can connect with Red Aspen’s vast online community and build your business without having to go into an office. 

You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with your kids. You’ll discover how efficient you can be, and you might even be able to reduce or eliminate hefty costs associated with childcare. 

Social Selling Tips

To help you get your footing in social selling, successful Red Aspen brand ambassadors and affiliates are happy to share the tips and tricks that got them where they are today. 

While everyone’s story is different, a number of smart, successful women are always happy to tell others about their wins and strategies as Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors. Click here to learn more about what training looks like.

Choose Your Own Social Selling Platforms

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to social media. Some women thrive on TikTok and Facebook, while others swoon over the engagement they receive from Instagram or vlogging on YouTube. With Red Aspen, you have the freedom to use the platform(s) that you’re most comfortable with for social selling. Best of all, you’ll be able to learn tips and tricks to help you improve your presence on other platforms as well! 

Whichever platform you choose, know that social media is an incredibly powerful business tool! Here are some insightful stats about the top social media platforms in 2023 to help you use social media to your best advantage.


3. Sell High-Quality Beauty and Cosmetics Products

Working with Red Aspen, you'll sell innovative cosmetics created with the needs and priorities of everyday women in mind. From Red Aspen nail dashes to our ultra-luxe false lashes, every Red Aspen product adheres to our core product philosophy—they’re always fun, playful, and easy to use! 

What else sets Red Aspen’s beauty products apart?

  • Cruelty free: We never test any of our products on animals, which are certified cruelty free by PETA.
  • 100% ingredient transparency: We’re 100% committed to being completely transparent about every ingredient we include in our clean beauty products.
  • Quality assurance: Our Red Aspen Returns Policy gives you 20 days from the day you first placed your order to request a return if you’re at all unsatisfied with your purchase.
  • Custom formulas: We release our unique formulations after months and sometimes years of careful development.

  • At Red Aspen, we create cosmetics that our sellers can be truly excited about, because passion about products is what drives social selling.                                    


    4. Expand Your Social Selling Network

    Red Aspen’s high-quality offerings represent some of the best beauty products on the market, offering a seamless path to grow your social selling network. Our trendy and innovative cosmetics spark engaging conversations, attracting a wide-ranging audience eager to explore self-expression and empowerment through beauty. In fact, the Red Aspen community is more than 10,000 strong and growing!

    In addition to cultivating meaningful customer relationships, working with Red Aspen provides ample opportunities to connect with other content creators on your chosen social media platforms. You’ll have the freedom to learn from one another and grow, leading to a larger, stronger, and more interconnected social selling network. 

    5. Earn Free Perks

    When you work with Red Aspen, you stand to receive complimentary beauty products as well as early access to discounts and our most exciting upcoming developments. Win-win! 

    Enjoy Red Aspen Product Rewards

    Earn up to 16% on all qualifying orders in product rewards. Naturally, it’s up to you what you do with these rewards. You can use them for yourself, offer them as gifts to friends, family, and loved ones, or sell them for 100% profit! The choice is yours!  

    6. Social Selling Without Inventory

    Many social selling companies require you to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in inventory to start selling. That’s not the case with Red Aspen. Instead, you’re free to promote, sell, and earn without the overhead! All that’s required is a smartphone camera. Super simple, super fun! 

    Two Paths to Social Selling Red Aspen Products: Brand Ambassadors vs. Affiliates

    With Red Aspen, there are two paths to social selling our products. You can either become a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador or a Red Aspen Affiliate. Here’s a quick breakdown of what those terms mean: 

    Become a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador

    Brand Ambassadors are independent business owners who can do the following:

    • Share pop up links
    • Earn FREE products
    • Sponsor new Brand Ambassadors and Affiliates
    • Earn team bonuses
    • Earn 25% to 35% on personal sales
    • Earn Dashing Start Rewards
    • Participate in company incentives
    • Receive company awards 
    • Join our Brand Ambassador Facebook Groups
    • Run historical reports in their Hub
    • Access sales and team data

    Become a Red Aspen Affiliate

    Red Aspen Affiliates are independent sales representatives who can earn 10% to 15% commission on their personal sales as well as free products. Your Affiliate account also comes with a custom website link, digital marketing tools, and access to Treehouse Trainings! 

    Best of all, it’s easy to upgrade your Affiliate account to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador account! The choice is yours! 


    Get Ready To Embark on Your Social Selling Journey with Red Aspen

    Whether you’re new to the idea of starting your own business or you just need a little extra nudge to hit the ground running, you owe it to yourself to dive into the exciting world of social selling beauty and cosmetics products with Red Aspen! 

    With nearly endless opportunities for growth as a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador or Affiliate, it’s the chance to build lifelong connections and sisterhood in a community of supportive, like-minded women. Plus, let’s not forget the fabulous perks that’ll keep you on the cutting edge of beauty as you grow your business and inspire others to sparkle with confidence! Reach out to Red Aspen to learn how you can begin your journey as a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador or Affiliate today!

    Written by: Kerry Cron

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