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The Best Fit for You: How to Pick the Perfect Nail Shape

Sure you may know about square and round, but the options for nail shapes go way beyond these two classics. After all, the list of the most popular nail shapes seems to grow every season. Whether you have a fancy occasion, fun event, or vacation on the horizon, Red Aspen has the perfect press-on nails for you. 

Red Aspen press-ons help save time and money by skipping the nail salon and achieving a quality nail look at home. Pop on Red Aspen Nail Dashes in minutes at home, on the go, or on vacay with a simple and easy process. Plus, our press-ons won't damage your natural nails like other brands and can easily be transformed into trendy shapes using the Red Aspen Nail File.

Press-ons are a great way to quickly elevate your beauty look and bring your outfit together with a pop of color. Various activities and occasions call for different lengths, shapes, colors, and finishes. This blog is all about Nail Shapes and everything you need to know when determining the perfect look for you. Nail shapes can be a great way to show off your own personal style and personality. 

Often times it can be difficult to grow nails long enough for specific shapes. Nail Dashes allow you to add length to your nails while remaining low maintenance and easy to use. Keep reading as we will cover square nails, squoval nails, almond nails, coffin nails, stiletto nails, and ballerina-shaped nails.


Comparing press on nail lengths

Short, medium, or long? That's the first question you should ask yourself when considering what nail shape to apply to your natural nails.

If you are hard on your nails or active with your hands, short nails may be your go-to. If you want a more dramatic look, long nails might be more of your jam. Or, if you want something in the middle, medium nails have a lot to offer.


Red Aspen Nail dashes come in various sizes to ensure that no matter the shape of your natural nail bed, you can find a Dash that looks great and fits like a glove.


No matter what length you are wanting, Red Aspen Nail Dashes can be customized at home using either a Nail Reshaper or a Nail File. Our Nail Dash Accessories allow you to turn long or medium press-ons into short, and even change the shape of the nail. Not sure what shape is best for you? Keep reading to find out more!


What are Nail Shapes?

Nail shapes can vary and be a great way to show off your own personal style. Not to mention, celebrity manicurist artists are constantly setting new nail trends and popular nail shapes. Whether you want something bold, something sleek, or something soft and feminine, Nail Shapes are a great way to express yourself.


Some nail shapes work better with certain natural nail bed lengths and shapes than others. So assessing your natural nail shape, cuticle shape, finger length, and shape can help you determine the best look for you. If you have longer fingers, one nail may look different than it does on your friend that has shorter fingers.


Everyone is one-of-a-kind and beautiful, so what's most important is that you find the nail shape that makes you feel confident and glamorous.


Square Nails

Let's begin with a classic. The square nail is ultra-common and sleek. This nail shape is filed straight and square across the tip to create a blunt square look. Red Aspen's top-selling nail shape is the square nail. It is simple, great for active lifestyles, and will not scratch or show sharp edges.


This nail shape looks great with a design, but even better with a bold or dark color. Additionally, this shape can be used across multiple nail lengths from petite to long.


Almond Nails

Red Aspen Medium Almond Nail Dashes have become ultra-popular. Currently, almond-shaped nails are the top choice of most "it-girl"s and celebrities. Almond nails are similar to round nails and often seen across social media on acrylic nails, with nail polish, and in press-on form.


Almond shapes are softly rounded at the end and slightly tapered around the edges. Much like an actual almond, almond nails are wider at the base of the nail and more narrow at the tip.


Almond nails are elegant and can help elongate the look of your nail beds and fingers. This popular shape of Red Aspen Nail Dashes is available in a medium length.


Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are great in many different lengths. Whether you are wanting an ultra-long nail or something more medium, this nail shape is easy to achieve. This nail shape is not easily achieved using nail polish, as natural nails are often not strong enough to hold the shape. Red Aspen Nail Dashes are great for achieving a coffin nail look as they are firm, durable, and will add strength to your nails while wearing them. So skip the damaging acrylics and flimsy nail polish and opt for Red Aspen Coffin Nail Dashes.


While we offer a number of coffin-shaped Nail Dashes, you can easily achieve the coffin nail by filing the tip of almond nails to be more square and tapering in the sides for a more dramatic look.


Petite Nails

One thing that sets Red Aspen press ons apart from all the rest is our petite nail shape. All nail beds are unique and beautiful in their own way. For those who have smaller nail beds, or for tweens and teens who are looking for a press on nail option, our Petite Dashes are a fabulous option.


These are the ideal press ons for smaller nail beds and are square-shaped. For small-shaped nails, apply Petite Nail Dashes for a more comfortable fit and professional look.


Squoval Nails

Stuck between wanting square nails and round nails? The squoval nail shape is perfect for you! This nail features the shape of square nails with rounded-out edges. This soft square nail look looks great on any nail and any length. You can easily achieve squoval nails by using a nail file to round out the edges of your square Nail Dashes. Rock short, medium, and long squoval nails by filing Red Aspen square nails. The rounded edges will help balance out your nail look and remove sharp edges.


Oval Nails

Oval nails are soft in appearance and ultra chic. Oval nail shapes are filed on the sides and the tip to create a long curvature. This unique shape provides the illusion of longer length both in the nail and the fingers. You can easily achieve these oval round nails by filing Red Aspen Medium or Long Nail Dashes. The key to perfect oval nails is being patient and careful when filing your Nail Dashes to achieve your ideal shape. Make sure to apply Nail Dash Glue and allow it to dry before reshaping.


Stiletto Nails

Make a statement with bold stiletto nails! Stiletto shaped nails are sassy and dramatic with a wide base and a sharp point. This nail is like the almond shapes rebellious sister. Stiletto nails are best for those wanting a longer and pointy look.

This nail shape can easily be achieved by filing Red Aspen long Nail Dashes to an almond and then a pointed tip. When creating stiletto nails be sure to still create a slightly rounded tip to avoid scratching.


Ballerina Nails

Do you love long nails and want to mix up your nail shape? Ballerina nails are great for long nails as this shape is similar to the stiletto nail shape but with a squared tip. Featuring a wider base, filed the sides of your nails at an inward angle and square out the tip. This shape is very similar to the coffin shape but with a more gradual inward angle.



Did you find your next favorite nail shape? We hope so! Whether you are wanting an almond shape, oval nails, coffin shapes, or a rounded shape your mani is sure to look fab. With Red Aspen Nail Dashes the opportunities to show off your own personal style and beauty are truly endless. Grab your favorite Nail Dashes and a nail file and create one of these popular nail shapes for your next special occasion.


Ready to pop on your next set of Red Aspen Nail Dashes today? Read our blog on How to Apply Red Aspen Nail Dashes for quick tips on how to best apply your nails prior to reshaping. If you have a set of Dashes on at the moment, check out our how-to guide on How to Remove Red Aspen Nail Dashes.


Written by: Kerry Cron

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