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The POP: Trendy Nail Designs

What is The POP by Red Aspen?

Every month, Red Aspen releases a new collection of eco-friendly, reusable press on nails decorated with vibrant, colorful, and totally trendy nail art. These are collectively known as The POP

The POP includes Red Aspen’s line of Nail Dashes—already the best fake nails on the market—made with entirely sustainable materials and available in a range of exciting designs, colors, shapes, lengths, and finishes. Choose The POP to minimize waste and reduce your carbon footprint for more sustainable nail care.

Eco Friendly Press On Nails

If sustainable nails are a priority, look no further than The POP Nail Dashes! These aren’t your typical acrylic nails. They’re the most sustainable fake nails on the market, created using recycled and eco-friendly materials for every component from the nails themselves to their packaging. 

Plus, the press on nails themselves as well as the packaging (nail tray, insert paper, and box) are all recyclable! No need to throw them away when you’re done with them. They can be reused in a new way!

Manufactured with Recycled Materials

Both the press-on Nail Dashes themselves and the trays they come packaged in are made from post-consumer recycled materials, originally derived from plastic waste like disposable water bottles that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Sustainably Harvested Packaging

The boxes and insert cards for these eco-friendly nails are made from a combination of recycled and Forest Stewardship Council-certified sustainably harvested wood. Rest assured that no trees were unnecessarily destroyed to bring you The POP Nail Dashes!

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

The POP Nail Dashes come packaged with adorable pink, heart-shaped packing peanuts that also happen to be 100 percent compostable and biodegradable. This means they’ll completely disintegrate when submerged in water. (Compare this to conventional packing peanuts, which never biodegrade, and you’ll see why The POP Nail Dashes are the most sustainable press on nails.)

Trendy Nail Designs 2023

The POP Nail Dashes come in an array of unique designs inspired by current fashion and beauty trends. Here are some of the latest trendy nail polish colors, shapes, and finishes, as well as an overview of the latest Gen Z beauty trends for 2023.

Nail Color Trends

Here are some of our top selections for trendy nail colors in 2023 (and beyond!):

  • Sage green: Muted shades of sage green continue to be popular as a funky alternative to conventional nude nails.
  • Grass green: This is another shade of green, but it couldn’t be more different from the muted sage. Grass green was a spring 2023 staple and continues to appear as a statement nail through all seasons. Go for darker shades of green as the weather gets colder.
  • Bright red: It’s hard to imagine red nails (or lipstick!) going out of style, and at the moment, saturated shades of red like cherry red are especially trendy.
  • Pearl nails: Layering a pearly chrome over a white nail polish makes your nails look like they’ve been coated in pearl for a minimal yet elegant look.
  • Brown: For some seriously trendy fall nails, choose your favorite shade of brown and add an unexpected finish with a matte topcoat (more on this below).


    Nail Finish Trends

    Trendy nails are as much about the finish (matte, glossy, chrome, etc.) as they are about the color. In general, texture has been a big deal for hair, makeup, and clothing in 2023—this extends to your nails, too. One way to subtly incorporate this textural trend into your nail art is with a matte topcoat. You can also pump it up a notch and create amazing contrast by doing a combination of matte and glossy nails, which is a fun variation we’ve been seeing all over TikTok in 2023 (for example, check out these trending matte and glossy French tips for inspiration!). Chrome nails (like the Vanilla Chrome nail trend) are also going to maintain their popularity in 2024.

    Nail Shape Trends

    In general, 2023 has seen a shift in popularity from long, dramatically-shaped nails to shorter, more natural nail shapes. Here are some nail shapes to try for seriously cute, trendy nails:

  • Short stiletto nails: Pointed stiletto nails are dramatic and eye-catching, but they can be impractical and make using your fingers a challenge. That’s where short stiletto nails come in to save the day—they’re still dramatic, but they don’t impede functionality!
  • Short squoval nails: “Squoval” nails fall somewhere between square and oval, and they give a chic and understated vibe to your manicure.
  • Almond nails: Subtly pointed almond nails are another option that errs on the side of natural and practical.

  • Gen Z Beauty Trends 2023

    Now that we’ve covered the basics of trendy nail art in 2023, here are some general beauty trends to be aware of that Gen Z has been spearheading in 2023:

  • Short hair, such as bobs, pixie cuts, and baby bangs
  • Scalp care to support healthy hair growth
  • Pink bows in everything from hair to clothing to makeup
  • Natural-looking skin rather than heavy foundation, which Seventeen calls “skinimalism”
  • Thin or bleached brows, after years of thick and heavily defined brows being the norm

  • Take Your Nail Designs to the Next Level with Red Aspen

    Nail trends come and go, but a cute mani will always turn heads. With Red Aspen’s The POP press-on nails, you’ll have a collection of nail styles you’ll be thrilled to match with some of your favorite killer outfits!

    Lean more about Red Aspen beauty products and take your nail designs to the next level by reaching out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador today! 

    Written by: Red Aspen

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