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6 Reasons to Add Acrylic Nails from Red Aspen to Your Beauty Collection

Everyone loves finding new ways to express their style and creativity. Whether it's a cute new haircut or an outfit that's totally avant-garde, there's something inherently fun and flirty about trying new things. The same level of excitement can easily apply to your nails, where different nail shapes, styles, and colors can quickly set your heart aflutter.

Whether you're a French manicure kinda gal or you tend to prefer a simple coat of pink polish, there's no denying the appeal of a gorgeous manicure, especially when you can add a playful touch to your nail look with abstract designs, a classic matte finish, or even a cute cow print! This is doubly true when it comes to press-on nails, and when the right acrylic nail design can instantly elevate your look almost entirely on its own! In this blog, we're diving into everything we love about acrylic nails, with tips on where you can find the best acrylic nails to touch up your look, all without having to pay a nail technician to do it for you!

A Variety of Fun and Creative Acrylic Nail Ideas

Without a doubt, one of the easiest reasons to love acrylic nails is the sheer variety of fun and creative nail ideas you can choose from. From special events to seasonal get-togethers, there are just so many things you can draw inspiration from and ways to express your unique sense of style and creativity.

You can keep things minimal with a skinny French tip manicure using most of your natural nail. You can style nails with stars, moons, or comets for an otherworldly design that looks amazing on pretty much any dark color base. You can keep things classy with a clear, glazed coat, or add a touch of subtle glamour by sprinkling in some glitter. The possibilities are endless!

A Cute New Look Without the Long-term Commitment

When you want to try something new with your look, there's a good chance you do a little back and forth in your mind on whether or not you want to commit to it, especially if it feels like something long-term. For instance, getting bangs can be a game-changer, but the growing-out process does take a while. Coloring your hair is no different, as the dye can take some time to fully wash out if you're not too happy with the results.

On the flip side, trying something new with your nails doesn't require nearly the same level of commitment. If you've got several different styles in mind, you can swap things out as needed. You can apply an oval or delicate square-shaped set of press-on acrylic nails before work, then change things up with a sexy stiletto shape for a special occasion or a fancy date-night dinner. In the same vein, you can alternate between different colors, designs, and more throughout the year, especially if you're the type of individual who enjoys staying on top of seasonal fashion changes.

All in all, like your nail polish, you're not forced to endure a single set of press-on nails for weeks at a time, nor are you forced to book an appointment with the nail salon every time you want to change things up. You've got options! More importantly, you've got options you can change from the comfort of your own home! That being said, make sure you have the right nail-cleaning accessories on hand to keep your nails looking their best between changes. This means ensuring your purse is packed with a cuticle remover, mani and pedi nail clippers, and nail reshaper tools, to name a few. Remember, nail care is self-care!

A Lasting and More Durable Manicure

Let's face it, not everybody is blessed with nails that can withstand length naturally. It's not uncommon to see women trying to grow out their nails, only to have one or two of them break off, forcing a reset on the whole process. Truth is, a lot of us have nails that are naturally weak or brittle. Some women deal with nails that curl at the edges, while others deal with nails that have unsightly ridges or bumps in them. While many of these problems can be alleviated with the right nail care products (a quality cuticle oil goes a long way), it's important to remember that people invest in press-on nails for different reasons.

No matter your reasons for looking into fake nails, one thing is clear: a quality set of acrylic nails can provide you with not only a great manicure, but a manicure that lasts. By design, the best acrylic nails are built tougher throughout with some added strength at the tip. This makes them far less likely to chip, much less likely to bend, and even less likely to break unexpectedly. In short, this makes them ideal for anyone who has searched high and low for a set of nails they can wear comfortably to work, special events, and more.

An Affordable Alternative to the Salon

Ladies, we can all agree that going to the nail salon can be therapeutic. Having someone take special care of your hands and feet is always wonderful (no matter how ticklish). But, there's a price to pay for all pampering! The average cost for a regular manicure can range from $10-40, and a full acrylic manicure can easily set you back $25-100. That's not even accounting for the additional costs of trendy designs like micro nail art, gold foil, silver shades, or deluxe services, let alone the cost of doing this every 2-4 weeks. It does start to add up!

Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives to the salon experience. By doing your nails at home, you can save time and money. Not only that, but you can easily find high-quality acrylic nails that don't require a nail technician to apply them for you. Now, I know what you're thinking: "What about those times I tried to do my nails, and the experience was a smudgy, goopy mess?!" That doesn't have to be the case! With the right tools, you can apply a super cute set of acrylics all by yourself! Best of all, a premium set of acrylic nails will come with everything you need to give yourself salon-quality results with no experience necessary! It's a win-win! Treat yourself to a trendy lip gloss nail design with a sophisticated glossy finish, or add some frosty baby blue to your nails just in time for the holidays. The choice is yours!

The Perfect Complement to Your Natural Nails

Acrylic nails are easy to love because they're also the perfect complement to your natural nails. Even if you've always loved the way your nails look, you'll quickly notice how easy it is to enhance their length and shape with the right set of acrylics. Maybe you've always wondered what your shorter nails would look like with a bit of length. In this case, an oval-shaped, almond-shaped, square-shaped, or squoval (a best of both worlds) acrylic nail can give you a better visual! You'd be able to experiment with some modern looks, but you'd also have the benefit of rocking some classic styles as well.

On the flip side, maybe you love the idea of acrylic nails, but you don't want something extra long due to your job or personal preference. Fear not! Acrylic nails can just as easily be trimmed or shaped to your desired preference! All in all, it's tough to go wrong when you invest in the right set of acrylic nails. As mentioned above, you can always replace one set of acrylics with another if your preferences change or if the situation/occasion demands it. Just make sure you have the right nail care tools we mentioned above to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Acrylics Are Easy to Apply

To piggyback off the above, acrylic nails are easy to enjoy precisely because they're so easy to apply. The process only takes a few minutes, and you can always put the acrylics against your nails ahead of time to see if the color and shape match the look you're going for. Here’s what the application process looks like at a glance: 

How to Apply Acrylic Press-on Nails

  1. Remove any nail polish. Wash and dry hands.
  2. Push back cuticles with the cuticle stick.
  3. Gently buff natural nails.
  4. Clean the nail with rubbing alcohol or wipe.
  5. Select Dashes that fit all 10 of your natural nails and set aside.
  6. When applying, start with pinkies and work inward, ending with thumbs. The number on the inside of the Dash will go toward your finger tip away from the cuticle.
  7. Apply glue to the natural nail and back of Acrylic Nail Dash, based on desired glue wear time.
  8. Let glue dry for a few seconds, then align the Acrylic Nail Dash with the cuticle and apply at a 45-degree angle. Press firmly for 30 seconds.
  9. File or gently clip the Acrylic Nail Dash to desired length and shape.
  10. To reapply, add glue to the back of the acrylic nail after repeating steps above.

Likewise, removing your press-on nails is just as easy. There’s only a few steps to follow, and it gives you the chance to boost your skincare and cuticle care routines in the process. As you incorporate better skincare and nail care products into your beauty regimen, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the strength and quality of your natural nails. 

Find the Perfect Acrylic Nails for Your Nail Shape and More at Red Aspen

With so much to love about acrylic nails, it's hard not to be just a teeny bit curious about how your hands might look with a cute set of your own! Whether you're thinking about a classic nude manicure or you're still researching style tips, Red Aspen has a variety of acrylic nails and other press-on nail dashes that are sure to turn heads. 

Reach out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador today to learn more about how you can add acrylic press-on nails, premium nail care products, and more to your beauty collection! 

Written by: Kerry Cron

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