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7 Reasons to Start a Social Selling Beauty Business

Do you have a love for all things beauty and cosmetics? Are you passionate and knowledgeable about skincare, makeup, and nail art? If this sounds like you, starting a Red Aspen social selling beauty business might be worth considering! 

In this blog, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about social selling in the beauty industry, with tips and tricks you can use to start your beauty social selling business with Red Aspen. Let’s get started! 

What Is Social Selling?

Before we get into what it is that makes social selling with Red Aspen such an amazing, flexible way to start your own business, let’s start by defining what social selling is.

In a nutshell, social selling is a strategy for lead generation that involves using social media platforms to establish and maintain relationships with potential customers. Social sellers aim to engage with these potential customers, gain a better understanding of their needs, and then meet these needs by selling related products to them. Some of the most popular social selling platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, all of which have integrated, easy-to-use selling and shopping functionalities. 

Red Aspen is a female-founded social selling beauty company that was founded in 2017. Our mission is to inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. Over 14,000 Brand Ambassadors across the country independently run and market their Red Aspen social selling companies. 

The 7 Benefits of Social Selling Nails and Cosmetics


If social selling sounds appealing but you still need a bit more info to decide whether it’s right for you, we’ve got answers! Here are seven key benefits to social selling beauty products:

1. Social Selling Is a Proven Business Model

People who leverage social media to sell their products are shown to sell more than those who don’t. In fact, one study even showed that 78.6 percent of sellers using social media outperformed those who weren’t. That’s a pretty impressive difference that we can attribute to social selling, making it clear that it’s one of the most effective ways to get eyes on your products and generate business!

2. Social Selling Has Low Barriers to Entry

What makes social selling so easy to get into, compared to other kinds of entrepreneurship?


Unlike traditional businesses which often require huge initial investments, you can launch a social selling beauty business with minimal upfront costs. All you need is internet access, a smartphone or other device to access social media, and a love of beauty products! 

For reference, as a Brand Ambassador and social seller for Red Aspen products, you can start your beauty business for as little as $49! Our Curious Business Kit includes everything you need to get your social selling business started quickly and efficiently:


Because it doesn’t demand major upfront investments, social selling reduces your financial exposure as an entrepreneur, making it inherently low-risk. You can test the waters and adapt to market dynamics as needed by starting small and gradually scaling up your business as you achieve more and more success! It’s that easy! 

Easy to Learn

Social selling is incredibly user-friendly, and it’s easy to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills relatively fast. Not only that, but you can network with other Brand Ambassadors and social sellers to learn tips and tricks they’re using for success!

This is especially true thanks to the abundance of online resources on social selling (more on that below), as well as the fact that social media platforms are designed to be intuitive and business-friendly! 

3. Social Selling Is Extremely Flexible

A 2020 study by the US Direct Selling Association found that 77 percent of Americans are interested in flexible, entrepreneurial/income-earning opportunities. 

Work From Home

One of the best parts of social selling is the fact that you can work from the comfort of your own home. Since there’s no need to pay for or commute to a physical store to grow your social selling beauty business, it’s a convenient and flexible option. Who doesn’t love the idea of making a living from the comfort of your couch and sweatpants?! 

Set Your Own Schedule

We all lead busy lives, and the typical 9-5 may not always fit yours. This makes social selling an attractive alternative, as it fits the bill for scheduling flexibility, too! You can work wherever you want for as much or as little as you want. This accommodates whatever other commitments and responsibilities you might have, from childcare to school, family responsibilities, and other hobbies and interests you may have on the side!

4. Social Selling Creates Real Relationships with Customers

Social selling is about more than just making money. It’s a chance to genuinely connect with people who enjoy the same things you do. The ongoing interaction and personalized engagement involved in social selling mean that you can build trust and loyalty with your clientele.

As a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with women who share your passion for all things beauty and cosmetics. You’ll have access to a breadth of knowledge about how to grow your business including: 

  • Weekly Lives/Training with the Founders of Red Aspen 
  • Treehouse resources to help you learn the details of every Red Aspen product
  • Helpful information on how to become a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador
  • Digital assets you can download and use as inspiration for your social selling strategies

Best of all, Red Aspen Customer Support is only a click away, meaning you’ll have a place where you can ask questions and receive genuine feedback on what you can do to grow your new business. 


5. Social Selling Tools & Training Are Easy to Access

There are tons of social selling tools to be found, especially in recent years as this approach to sales has grown in popularity. From LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Social Selling Index to Hootsuite and Seismic, there’s a tool to streamline nearly every aspect of your social selling beauty business.

Meanwhile, social selling training is freely available, including on LinkedIn and Hootsuite. You can also find lots of free training resources and other materials online, meaning even less need for a financial investment to acquire the requisite skills. For instance, our Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors and Affiliates have tons of effective social selling tips to share with those who are new to the business.

6. Social Selling Opens Doors

Social selling has the power to open doors to new opportunities and connections, allowing you to expand your network in the world of beauty sales. Not only that, but you’ll be able to grow those relationships in a way that feels impactful and, most of all, genuine! 

Make New Professional Connections

As a social selling entrepreneur, you’ll have opportunities to engage with fellow industry experts, influencers, and potential partners through your social media networks.

Sharpen Your Professional Skills like Event Planning, Social Media Marketing, and Sales

Social selling allows you to practice and develop your professional skills in areas like event planning, social media marketing, and sales. As you apply these skills to your beauty business, you’ll develop well-rounded entrepreneurial experience that you can expand upon for even more success. 

7. Test and Use High-Quality Beauty and Cosmetic Products

When you work with a company that sells some of the best beauty products around like Red Aspen, you’re given the chance to test and use these high-quality products. You’ll even receive complimentary beauty products, early access to discounts, and up to 16% on all qualifying orders in product rewards.

If you’re passionate about beauty, working as a social seller for a company like Red Aspen is a truly amazing opportunity. You can combine your hobbies and interests with your professional and business aspirations! Whether you’re most excited about trying out Red Aspen nail dashes or our brand’s high-end false lashes, there’s something for every beauty enthusiast. 

At Red Aspen, we’re committed to 100% ingredient transparency for our clean beauty products. Red Aspen products are certified cruelty free by PETA, and because we’re confident in the quality of our products, our return policy gives you 20 days to request a return if you have any issues with your purchase. 

Start Your Social Selling Adventure with Red Aspen

If the flexibility and exciting opportunities of social selling sound appealing, consider working with Red Aspen! As you step into the role of a Brand Ambassador or Affiliate, you’ll not only have a chance to develop a thriving cosmetic sales business, but you’ll be able to connect with a sisterhood of supportive women, take on leadership roles, and enjoy some of the best beauty products on the market. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start your social selling adventure with Red Aspen! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Treehouse!



Written by: Red Aspen

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