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2023 Red Aspen Nail Subscription Box

All beauty and nail subscription boxes are not created equal. Red Aspen's nail subscription box is formally known as the Loyalty Box and is the perfect subscription for exclusive nail products and faux lashes. With five beauty subscriptions to choose from, our Loyalty Boxes ship directly to you each month.

In this blog, we will unveil our 2023 Loyalty Box theme, provide all of the details surrounding our nail subscription boxes for women, and even show off our past boxes. Keep reading for all of the Loyalty Box details for 2023!

What is the Red Aspen Nail Subscription Box?

So what is included in our nail subscription box? With Red Aspen Loyalty Boxes, you gain access to exclusive products through your subscription that will have you ditching the nail salon.

Each Dash Loyalty Box includes two boxes of press-on nails that are coordinated with the current month's theme. Or, add on an exclusive faux lash and mini lash adhesive. Red Aspen Loyalty Box Lashes can be worn multiple times with proper care.

Plus, every Loyalty Box includes an adorable Kiss Card that relates to the current month's theme. Kiss Cards make great props when posting photos of your Loyalty Box mani or lashes on social!

What are Red Aspen Nail Dashes?

Nail polish and nail art chips, acrylics damage nails, and nail salons are expensive and time-consuming. Red Aspen Nail Dashes allow you to skip the salon and achieve a professional manicure at home for a fraction of the cost.

Red Aspen nails come in a variety of shapes, lengths, colors, and finishes. Many of them even feature nail art designs and fun finishes. Nail Dashes are sure to be your favorite nail products as they allow you to express your style without damaging your natural nails.

Plus, our Nail Dash Accessories line offers everything you need to maintain healthy nails and cuticles. From cuticle oil to nail files and buffers, Red Aspen has everything you need for the perfect mani.

What are the Loyalty subscription boxes options available for purchase?

Treat your nails to some extra love by subscribing to our Loyalty Box. You will love the exciting surprise each month and the exclusivity of the products. These featured lash and nail products are available for one month only, just to those with subscriptions. Red Aspen's Loyalty Box features five box options:

  • Short Dash Loyalty Box - featuring two exclusive short square press-on nails for $25
  • Short Dash + Lash Loyalty Box - featuring two exclusive short square Nail Dashes and an exclusive false lash with mini lash adhesive for $40
  • Lash Loyalty Box - featuring two exclusive faux lashes with two mini lash adhesives for $30
  • Medium Dash Loyalty Box - featuring two exclusive medium Nail Dashes for $25
  • Medium Dash + Lash Loyalty Box - featuring two exclusive medium Nail Dashes and an exclusive faux lash with mini lash adhesive for $40

What is the 2023 Loyalty Box Theme?

Our 2023 Nail Subscription Box theme is 'Better Together'. After all, we're better together! In 2023, Red Aspen is celebrating friendship and togetherness, plus many of our nails looks amazing in a mani mixup - so they too are better together!

Some recent monthly box themes have included Sunday Brunch, Picnic Date, Backstage Pass, and Girls Night. Spending time with friends is so important to our wellbeing and our theme is intended to get you together with your besties to make great memories.

Don't forget to coordinate your Nail Dashes and False Lashes, our Loyalty Boxes are even more fun when your friends subscribe with you!

What Sets Red Aspen's Loyalty Box Apart from Other Nail Subscription Boxes?

As a subscriber, you can skip the upcoming month any time, and you are never locked into a contract. The Loyalty Subscription Boxes are unique because the products are exclusive to Loyalty Box subscribers, are available for a limited period of time, and are discounted! That's right, when you subscribe to a Red Aspen Loyalty Box you can save at least $5 or more.

Plus, in true Red Aspen fashion, there have been special times where boxes feature a surprise gift. During the 2022 and 2023 summer months, Red Aspen celebrated the Summer of Love. Each monthly subscription during the Summer of Love received a FREE gift. Exclusive Nail Dashes, fan-favorite classic Dashes, and even Lip Gloss. As a subscriber, you have the chance to receive free goodies at exclusive discounts with Red Aspen Loyalty Boxes. This means even more savings when as a subscriber, and bonus goodies!

There are so many benefits to being a subscriber to Red Aspen's Loyalty Boxes. In fact, many Nail Dash fans often subscribe to multiple boxes. Whether you love false lashes, short nails, or medium nails, there is sure to be a box for you. Not to mention, our Loyalty Boxes make excellent gifts!

Does Every Loyalty Box Feature Nail Art?

Every Loyalty Box design is different! Some feature nail art and nail designs, others feature special nail finishes like matte nails, chrome nails, glitter nails or french nails. The reason our Loyalty Boxes are the best nail subscription boxes for press-on nail lovers is that they feature a variety of styles. Each month is different and provides access to a variety of Dash styles.

Best Nail Subscription Boxes

Red Aspen truly is the best nail subscription box on the market with its unique and fun theme, variety of nail art and colors, and exclusivity. Plus, you can't beat the savings! Subscribing to a nail subscription box allows you to receive new designs, colors, and styles that you may not have expected to enjoy. Both Nail Dashes can be worn individually or in a mani mixup. Mani mix ups are our favorite way to show off our individual style and creativity. A mixup is created by combining two or more Nail Dashes into one mani.

If you're looking for a great way to treat yourself, or looking for the perfect give for your bestie, subscribe to a Red Aspen Loyalty Box. After all, we are better together. Subscribe with all of your friends and coordinate a fun outing each month where you wear your Dashes and lashes too. Trust us, you and your nails will look fabulous!

Ready to pop on your next pair of Loyalty Box press on nails or lashes? Check out our blog on How to Apply Press On Nails and How to Apply Faux Lashes!

Past Nail Subscription Boxes

Curious about what past boxes look like? Here are our 2023 nail past boxes to date:

January 2023: Girl's Night
February 2023: Galentine's vs. Valentines
March 2023: Brunch
April 2023: Sunday Stroll
May 2023: Picnic Date
June 2023: Summer Vacay
July 2023: Backstage Pass
August 2023: Book Club
October 2023: Witches Night Out
November 2023: Friendsgiving

Written by: Red Aspen Team


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2023 Red Aspen Nail Subscription Box

Check out our 2023 Loyalty Box theme, plus learn all of the details surrounding our Loyalty Subscription Boxes and check out past boxes!