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How to Elevate Your Everyday Skincare Routine with the Red Aspen Face Roller

Face rollers seem to be everywhere these days, but what are they? Rolling two pieces of stone across your face may seem odd - but there’s actually a load of benefits to using a face roller.

Whether you have the most complex skincare routine, or you keep it simple with a good wash, a face roller is a great tool to incorporate into your daily skincare regime.

What is a Face Roller?

Red Aspen’s Face Roller is made from two different-sized pieces of rose quartz. One end features a small roller, and the other has a larger roller. The larger side is for massaging along your jaw, cheeks and forehead, while the smaller side is for your under eyes and brow bone.

Rose quartz is a popular crystal thought to promote emotional healing. Additionally, rose quartz is meant to help boost feelings of calm and peace. Known as the stone of healing and love, rose quartz is a great option for a face roller.

Why Should I Use a Face Roller?

Using a face roller improves the flow of, as well as drains, your lymphatic system that runs through your face and neck. When this system is blocked, it creates puffiness in your face - which no girl wants. 

On top of that, face rollers help to improve circulation and blood flow through your face. Increased blood flow to the face can help brighten your skin, giving you a glowier and less tired appearance.  

If you enjoy using a concoction of different serums and moisturizers, a face roller can help to evenly distribute the product without it absorbing into your fingers. In addition, you can use the face roller to work the product into your skin, ensuring that every bit is utilized.

Gently massaging your face with a roller a few times a week can greatly improve your appearance over time.

How to Use a Face Roller

Although using a face roller seems easy, there are a few crucial steps in order to achieve the benefits you desire!

Step One: Wash Your Face

It’s imperative to start your face roller routine off with clean skin. After all, you don’t want to work old makeup, dirt, and oils into your face! After removing your makeup, use a high quality cleaner without beads and gently wash your face.

“Wait! What do you mean no beads?”

Some face washes have exfoliator beads included inside of them and, unfortunately, they aren’t always as good for your skin as they’re marketed to be. Using a face wash with granular exfoliants or “beads” can be harsh on your skin and leave your face feeling dry, raw, or even cause microtears. Yikes! 

On top of that, the beads in face wash are so fine (these are called microbeads) that they can make their way into the dermal layer of your skin. Using a face roller on top can make the embedding even worse. So it’s best to avoid a face wash with beads all together.

Step Two: Apply Your Favorite Moisturizer and/or Serum

This step is simple! Just take your favorite moisturizer or serum and apply it. If you want to use a serum, be sure not to touch the dropper to your face! You don’t want to introduce the dirt and oils on your face into the container of serum.

Don’t rub it in all of the way, just disperse it around your face so the face roller can do the bulk of the work!

Step Three: Use The Face Roller!

Starting at your chin, roll the large end of the roller across your jawline, curving up and ending right under your cheekbones. Repeat the process on either side of your face.

Using the small end of your roller, start at the base of the bridge of your nose and - very gently - roll your undereyes and end at your temples. Repeat the process around three times on either side of your face.

Moving onto your forehead, your the large end of your roller and start at your eyebrows and roll up to your hairline. It will take a few separate rolls to roll your entire forehead. Repeat this process up to 6 times.

Use the large end of your roller and start at your collarbone, roll the roller up your neck, ending at your jawline. Repeat the process around your neck.

Pro Tip: Never rub the roller back and forth on your skin, as it won’t help to improve blood flow or to drain your lymphatic system. In addition, make sure to only work the roller up and out - not down. Working the roller down will not allow your lymphatic system to drain properly.

Step Four: Clean your Face Roller

Cleaning your face roller is a very important step that shouldn’t be skipped. Not to mention, cleaning your roller is super easy! Start by using a clean washcloth to wipe off any product or oils that might be on the roller. From there, use a gentle face wash to clean the stones, but be careful not to use hot water! Lastly, set your roller down flat on a tower and allow it to dry. That’s all there is to it! 

Optional: Pair your Face Roller with a Red Aspen Face Mask

If you really want to elevate your skincare routine, try using your face roller alongside a Red Aspen Face Mask!

If you’re looking for a mask to promote rest and relaxation, the Lavender Amethyst Moisturize & Glow Face Mask has everything you need for healthy, hydrated skin. Infused with hints of lavender extract, this mask is relaxing, ultra-moisturizing and filled with nourishing ingredients to keep your skin looking glowy and gorgeous.

Want to maximize the effect of the face roller? Try using Golden Grapefruit Depuff & Brighten Face Mask! This mask is ultra-brightening and has ingredients meant to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, improve elasticity, and diminish appearance of inflammation.


Lastly, to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, firm the appearance of your skin, and receive ultra-plumping benefits, the Pink Pearl Plump & Firm Face Mask will soon become your MVP. With a soft rose scent, you won’t be able to resist the relaxation.

Say Hello to Refreshed, More Radiant Skin with Red Aspen Beauty Products!

Now that you know the lowdown on face rollers, there’s only one thing left to do. Reach out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador or head to to shop your new favorite skincare products and tools! 

Curious to learn more about other Red Aspen beauty products and tips? Check out our blog for all the deets on how you can build a better beauty routine with Red Aspen!  

Written by: Kelly Ann Asker

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