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7 Easy Tips for Super Cute Summer-ready Feet

It’s summer, and you know what that means: Time to put away those booties and break out the cute strappy sandals and flip flops! From backyard barbecues to late-night rendezvous on the beach, summer is all about adventure and spending quality time with family and friends. 

It’s also about changing up your look to match the season. While some of us might shy away from showing off our tootsies, there’s no need to be squeamish! Summer’s the perfect season to debut a new pedi, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks you can use to prep those piggies for their seasonal debut. Here are seven easy tips you can use for super cute, summer-ready feet! 

Keep Your Feet Clean and Moisturized

These days, there are quite a few tricks to gorgeous summer-ready feet, but the first is the easiest - just keep your feet clean and moisturized as much as possible! Like your hands, your feet can quickly become dry or cracked without the proper TLC. This tends to happen most often on your heels, but the soles of your feet (especially near the toes) can suffer the same fate if you don’t keep those piggies properly pampered.  

No matter what you have planned for the day, painful, cracked skin and calluses can quickly ruin an otherwise great one. You want to do everything you can to prevent that, and there are a few at-home foot care items you should always have handy. A good pumice stone is a great start, and you can stash this right in your shower to use once a week. With just a little soap, some small scrubbing circles, and a little buffering, you’ll quickly notice your feet feel happier, healthier, and super soft. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer or foot cream (preferably with shea butter or coconut oil), and you’re ready to put your cutest, most pampered foot forward! 

Learn to Love Your Sunscreen

Whether you enjoy laying by the pool or soaking up some rays on a beach, chances are your parents preached to you the importance of adding sunscreen to your summer adventures. A gorgeous tan is certainly worth smiling about, but we have to be careful. Too much sun can wreak havoc on our skin, and not just on our face! 

The skin on your feet is just as delicate, and you want to do everything you can to protect it. A little sunscreen goes a long way, and you can save yourself the embarrassment of unflattering tan lines, painful sunburn, or peeling, itchy skin. With that said, try and make a habit of applying a fresh layer of UV protection to your feet every 60-80 minutes. Your feet will surely thank you, and doing so can keep them looking happy, healthy, and youthful for years to come! 

Keep Your Nails Neatly Trimmed

Along with keeping your feet clean and moisturized, and protected from the sun, it’s super important to keep your nails neatly trimmed. Well-trimmed toenails can greatly reduce the risk of hangnails, ingrown nails, and uneven nail beds, and they can also greatly help to reduce your chances of developing itchy or unsightly fungal infections as well. 

This is especially important if you’re athletic or tend to put your feet through a lot of strenuous activity. Left unchecked, longer toenails can break more easily, leaving your underlying nail bed exposed to all kinds of yucky germs and bacteria. Not only is this painful, but it’s a good way to take you off your feet and put you on your back while you wait to recover. Yikes! 

No matter what your summer plans look like, be sure to add some regular nail care to the mix. A good set of pedi clippers are an absolute must, and they can be used to quickly and easily clip your toenails to the perfect length. Likewise, a well-made nail file can help you comfortably adjust the shape, length, and finish of your nails. You also don’t want to forget your dual-sided nail buffer, as this can help you smooth out the ridges of your nails and even out the nail surface between pedicures for better-looking, more photo-ready nails at the pool, beach, or anywhere else you want to show off a new toe-tally cute pedicure! 

Practice Proper Cuticle Care

Your cuticles play a vital role in your overall health and the health of your nails. They act as a barrier to keep out dirt and debris, but they also offer protection for the tissue that grows new nails. In other words, each fingernail or toenail helps to shield the delicate skin beneath from harm. 

Your nails are constantly growing, making it important to practice proper cuticle care at every opportunity. This means moisturizing your hands and feet as part of your daily routine, and we went over the benefits of that above. It also means investing in some nail cuticle oil from Red Aspen, as this can work to gently nourish your nails with natural oils, ensuring they stay smooth and well-moisturized around the clock. Made with argan oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil, this incredible formula helps to hydrate and repair your skin’s natural appearance, simultaneously working to rejuvenate your skin with vitamins A, C, and E. 

Because your skin will naturally grow flat over your nails, it’s a great idea to also add a cuticle pusher to your nail care routine as well. Not only will it help to keep your cuticles healthy long-term, but it works wonders for your mani + pedi routine as well, better preparing them for a coat of nail polish or a cute set of pedi press-on nails. No matter how you slice it, healthy cuticles are the key to healthier nails. By making cuticle care a core part of your beauty routine, you’ll enjoy healthier (and prettier) hands and feet. We’ve also got more at-home nail care tips in this in our Complete Guide to At-Home Nail Care blog, so don’t forget to check it out! 

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is something you should strive for year-round, but it’s especially important during those hot, humid summer months. Most of us are far more active during this time of the year, and all the walking, swimming, hiking, or biking can take a serious toll on our feet. The heat can quickly cause our feet and ankles to swell, so a healthy hydration habit is key to keeping that in check.

As you plan out your summer adventures, be sure to include lots of water, juicy fruits, and vegetables. Not only will your feet fit much better into your favorite pair of heels, but you’ll quickly notice how great the rest of your skin looks as well. That’s a win-win all around! 

Eat Healthy and Get Regular Exercise

Along with staying hydrated, another key to healthy, summer-ready feet is getting lots of regular, gentle exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous either! Some light yoga, walks around the neighborhood, or even some casual swimming can keep your health in tip-top shape, helping you to avoid problems associated with poor circulation, like swollen ankles, or numb toes. Adding toe raises, curls, or splay movements and stretches to your routine can also improve flexibility and range of motion, so you’ve certainly got options if you want to spice things up. 

Likewise, try and incorporate plenty of healthy fats, nuts, and avocados into your diet. Not only can these can help your skin to become much more soft and supple, but they can give your next pedicure a well-deserved and very noticeable boost as well, just in time for sandal season. While these are just a few ideas, they’re a good starting point. Big changes take baby steps, and every bit counts when it comes to getting into a healthier mindset. 

Treat Your Feet to a Luxurious Foot Mask

We’ve gone over some interesting ways to treat your piggies to a little TLC, but we don’t want to leave out one of our absolute favorites: moisturizing foot masks. Chock full of skin-nourishing ingredients, the best foot masks include a luxurious blend of calming oils like shea butter, argan, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, to name a few. 

At the same time, you can’t go wrong with anti-aging super ingredients like Vitamin C, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Not only do they serve to protect and replenish the delicate skin of your feet with every use, but they leave them feeling baby soft. It’s like having your own personal spa at home! 

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Red Aspen Beauty Products! 

No matter what you have planned for your summer, don’t miss your chance to show off some baby soft feet and a gorgeous new pedi. Red Aspen makes it easy to step into your summer with confidence, with skincare and nail care products designed to leave your feet feeling pampered and prepared for your next big adventure. 

Reach out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador today or browse our website to learn how you can put your best foot forward with Red Aspen beauty products!

Written by: Nathan Jones

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