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Get Ready for Summer with Red Aspen!

Summer is here! Time for trips to the park, planting flowers, and of course, spending time in the sun! Now that it’s nice enough to spend time outdoors, you can finally go all out with hair, makeup, and nails.

Whether you’re planning a summer getaway, or are looking forward to spending time in your local area, Red Aspen has the tools to elevate your look this summer.

Sun-Kissed and Tan Savvy

If you're looking a little pale from this past winter and want a tan touch-up, try Red Aspen’s tanning line. With our tanning mousse, drops, mitts, and even a Kabuki brush - you’ll be your best sun-kissed self in no time.

How to Apply Red Aspen Tanning Mousse

  1. Shake Tanning Mousse well before applying. (Make sure you keep it stored at room temperature!)


  1. Exfoliate and dry skin. 


  1. Moisturize and apply a barrier cream (body lotion or body cream) to dry areas like ankles, knees, elbows, and hands before application. This will ensure tan does not overdevelop. Do not apply moisturizer to other areas. Do not apply perfume or deodorant. 


  1. Shake well, then pump Tanning Mousse onto the Tanning Mitt and apply in circular, sweeping motions. One coat goes a long way. Our Tanning Mousse has built-in, color-guide technology so you’ll know exactly where you’ve applied your tan and spots you still need to cover!


  1. Leave the mousse on your skin for 4-8 hours (more time = deeper tan), then shower to reveal a sunny glow from head to toe!


For a complete tanning mousse guide, check out our blog on “Everything You Need to Know About Red Aspen Tanning Mousse.”

How to Apply Red Aspen Tanning Drops

To tan your face, try Red Aspen Tanning Drops, perfect for achieving a glowing, natural tan. Using tanning drops is simple, just begin by exfoliating and drying your skin. Then mix the desired number of Tanning Drops with your moisturizer or foundation, and apply it evenly over your face and/or body. 


Make sure to wash your hands afterward. Tan will develop within hours. To maximize the effect, wait 6-8 hours before perspiring or showering. Use daily to build your tan, and repeat every 2-3 days to maintain your glow. 


For more tips, tricks, and info about Red Aspen tanning products, check out our tanning drops blog


To make your tanning process even easier, try our Tanning Back Applicator and our Kabuki Brush! The Back Applicator will help tan those hard to reach places, while the Kabuki Brush effortlessly tans hard-to-tan areas like hands, writs, ankles, elbows, and more.

Skin Care From Head to Toe!

Don’t let bad skin interfere with your summer plans! Whether you’re acne prone or struggling with dry skin, Red Aspen has the products to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

Face Masks

Golden Grapefruit Depuff & Brighten Face Mask helps to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, improve elasticity, and diminish appearance of inflammation.


Lavender Amethyst Moisturize & Glow Face Mask is ultra-moisturizing, giving your skin a glowy look. Infused lavender extract, this mask will keep you relaxed, even through all that vacation planning stress!


Try reading our “Complement Your Complexion with Hydrating Beauty Masks from Red Aspen” blog! With information on ingredients and effects, this info will help you make the best choice on which Lavender Amethyst Face Mask is best for you.

Lip Mask

Planning on puckering up? Try the Lavender Amethyst Moisturize & Glow Lip Mask. Made with similar ingredients as the face mask, the lip mask will ensure your lips are nourished and moisturized for the perfect selfie.

Foot Masks

Skin care isn’t only about your face though, all skin needs to be properly tended to, especially your hands and feet.

PediExfoliate Foot Peeling Mask is a single-use, at-home, exfoliating foot peeling mask that gently exfoliates your feet by dissolving dead skin to reveal softer and more hydrated skin. Make sure you plan accordingly, this treatment can take a few weeks to complete, as the peeling doesn’t start until 3-7 days after the initial treatment!


For a full PediExfoliate experience, give our Foot Peel Mask blog a read! 


Wanting a foot mask that doesn’t induce peeling? No worries! Try Red Aspen’s PediPrep Mask, a deep-conditioning mask to help moisturize your feet, leaving them soft and nourished. There’s a fragrance-free version too!


To read all about how to get your feet summer ready, read our blog “Prepping Your Feet for the Sunny Days Ahead”!

Hand Mask

ManiPrep Mask, similar to the PediPrep mask, will deeply moisturize your skin. This mask is infused with anti-aging properties like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Ceramides, along with flor extracts like Camellia, Saffron, and Rose to soothe your senses. There is an option for a Fragrance-Free ManiPrep Mask as well!

Luminous and Luscious Lips

Whether your style is bold or subtle, there's a Red Aspen Lip Gloss calling. For high-shine and barely-there color, take a look at our Clear gloss, along with Dahlia, Buttercup, and Primrose. These natural hues, infused with shimmer, are perfect for achieving a subtle, yet luminous look. 


Aiming for a vibrant, bold lip to make a statement? Check out Sweet Plum, a shimmering deep purple ready to catch eyes. Cosmic Rose, a vibrant and flirtatious pink, is equally as ready to take on the challenge of making your lips the centerpiece for the evening. 


Any of our glosses can be paired with Red Aspen Lip Liner to create the look you desire. Try pairing Mauve and Cherrywood Lip Liners with our Clear Gloss for a light, summer-time look!


Our lip liners creamy, long-lasting formula is a great alternative to lip gloss if your goal is a matte lip.

Fresh And Flawlessly Manicured

There's no doubt that nails are one of the most fun parts of building a look. Choosing your colors, shape, and design to compliment your gorgeous dress and makeup is a thrill like no other. That is, until it’s time to pay the salon. Salon acrylics and manicures can eat at a large chunk of your budget and end up damaging your nails — the cons outweigh the pros when it comes down to it.


That’s why Red Aspen made Nail Dashes. Nail Dashes are salon-style press on nails that are a fraction of the cost and take a fraction of the application time. From summer classics to night-out nails, there’s a Dash for you - no matter the look you’re going for.


Hallie Picks Peonies stays true to the classic summer color palette. This vibrant pink, medium coffin nail will put the “Summer” in “Summer Vacation”!

Nina on Cloud 9 is the perfect nail to pair with any outfit. These short, square nails are a stunning, bright white that will effortlessly compliment your look! 


Red Aspen’s Summer Classics feature solid, bright colored nails in varying shapes, like short and medium square, medium almond, and pedi-dashes.


If you’re unsure which nail shape is best for you, fear not! Give Red Aspen’s “Considering the Right Nail Shape for You” blog a read! It’ll help you determine which shape is best suited for your fingers and manicure goals!


Need your toes done too? Check out Red Aspen’s Pedi Dashes

Revel in Your Best Summer Yet with Red Aspen Beauty Products! 

From destination getaways, to picnics in the park, Red Aspen has all the beauty tools and products you need to have your best summer yet. 

Reach out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador today or check out our iconic collection of makeup and skincare options for your best summer looks at

Written by: Kelly Ann Asker

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