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Building A Long-Lasting Makeup Look For Your Summer Events

The sun is here, and rain is making its way out the door. Summer is filled with events galore, with parties, concerts, weddings, and more!

But with events this big, there comes a need for long-lasting makeup. After all, you don’t want to spend hours on a look just for it to rub off as soon as you’re ready to dance the night away!

If you’re asking yourself “How can I achieve long-lasting makeup?” Then you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at some ways you can keep your makeup looking flawless from the first dance of the party, to the encore of your long awaited concert.

Set Your Look

Loose Setting Powder is helpful for blurring the skin, eliminating shine, and helping your makeup last for hours on end. Scared of risking a flash-back in your photos? No need! Red Aspen’s translucent formula will keep you photo-ready all day long - and it won’t settle into your lines and pores.

Aspen Set is made with Aspen Bark to smooth and soften skin while refining the appearance of pores. Hyaluronic Acid is used to hydrate and plump skin. Honeysuckle Flower Extract helps to brighten and soothe complexion. Sunflower Oil is lightweight and replenishing while Jojoba Oil nourishes skin while helping control oil production. 

To effectively use setting powder, apply Aspen Set using the Red Aspen F01 Multitasking Powder Brush. Dip your brush into Aspen Set and tap to remove the extra powder. Setting Powder is the final step of your makeup routine, so you should be placing the power over your blush, bronzer, foundation, etc. 

Apply with a bigger powder brush to cover the full face. Use a damp Red Aspen Makeup Sponge or Precision Sponge when applying to the undereye area for the smoothest application. This will help to keep your undereyes looking youthful and hydrated. 

Aspen Set can be used differently based on your skin type. For combination or oily skin, an all over application to reduce shine and leave a long-lasting, matte finish is ideal.

For dry skin, use Aspen Set to blur the look of pores, fine lines, and imperfections by applying only to your undereye area and T-zone.

Making Your Eyeshadow Last

Eyeshadow is a fun, bold way to spice up a makeup look, so you definitely don’t want your hard work to end up dull or faded.

Fortunately, there are several ways to bring your shadow to life, and keep it alive for your festivities. 

Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primer is great for a few different reasons. To start, primer creates a tacky base for you to place your shadow on top of. The tacky base helps to grip the pigment, keeping it from blending off your eyes, creasing, and fading!

To make things better, eyeshadow primer absorbs the oil that likes to sit on your eyelids. Oily eyelids = harder makeup application.

Investing in eyeshadow primer is an effective way to ensure your shadows apply smoothly, which ultimately results in longer wear.

Don’t have time to buy eyeshadow primer? No worries! Concealer is a great alternative on the fly. Simply take a small amount of concealer and blend it into your eyelids.

Wet Your Brush

Your eyeshadow brush doesn’t need to be soaked, but gently misting your brush to get it damp will help improve the vibrancy of your shadows and smooth the application, all while improving wear time. 

Using The Right Brush

It can be difficult to know which eyeshadow brush is best for which part of your look. What brush is for the crease? What’s for the base? Using the wrong brush can result in improper application.

A fluffy brush is used for building shadow into the crease of your eyelid, whereas a small, round, and flat brush is best for achieving a cut crease. So mixing the two up can make shadow application uneven and difficult. 

The Red Aspen Eyeshadow Brush Bundle has every brush you need to build the perfect eyeshadow look. For a complete guide to our makeup brushes and a tutorial on how to use each one, check out our blog “18 Must-have Makeup Brushes and How to Use Them”!

Using Good Quality Shadows

Using a high quality shadow is another way to ensure your eye makeup turns out how you please.


Red Aspen has several different palette options, so you can find the colors that work best with your stunning look. 

Our shadows are highly pigmented to deliver vibrant, high-color payoff. Our pigments are smooth and creamy to limit fallout during application. Each shadow has a rich, shimmery finish that holds for long lasting, crease-resistant wear and is formulated with ingredients that provide a soft, smooth, and silky application.

On top of that, all our shadows are cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, talc free, and vegan.

To take a look at Red Aspen’s eyeshadow palette options, click here!

Keeping Your Mascara Intact

You don’t want to spend hours on a look just to smudge it with some rogue mascara, so it's important to include waterproof mascara into your makeup routine.

Red Aspen's Pump it Up, Maggie Waterproof Mascara provides a long-lasting hold that won't smudge or clump throughout the day - exactly what you’ll need for a big event!

While a good waterproof mascara can go a long way, there's other tools you can use to elevate your lashes.

Lash Comb

Sometimes, lashes just don’t cooperate. No matter how hard you try, your lash hair seems to stick together and never lay how you want - we’ve all been there. That’s why Red Aspen made the Lash Comb.


Our Lash Comb is a compact mini-comb that is used by gently combing it through your lashes. This is a great tool to use to help your lashes look perfect every time.

Lash Curler

Red Aspen’s Lash Curler is meant to lift and curl your natural lashes upward. This tool is meant to be used before mascara application, and is a trusty tool if your lashes seem to only lay flat.

Correctly Applying False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can be a fun way to add a bit of flare to your look, but if not properly applied, they can be difficult to deal with. 

The biggest key to applying lashes properly and effectively is to be patient during application - specifically with the lash glue. 

A lot of users will jump the gun and try to adhere their lashes right after applying the glue, but that will only make the process more difficult. Instead, wait for the glue to dry a tad before trying to get the lashes to stick to your lash line.

Tacky glue will make the lash stick directly upon application, whereas wet glue can leave the lash slipping and sliding all over - ultimately making your life harder and messing up the hard work you did on your eyeshadow!

Lash Applicator

Using your fingers can make the lash application stressful. Once you get glue on your fingers, it can be near impossible to effectively apply the lash. Many will tell you that a Lash Applicator is the easiest way to get perfect placement when it comes to falsies. Our bright pink Lash Applicator is key to a simple and long-lasting application. 

For a complete guide on choosing and applying Red Aspen Lashes, check out our blog, “Everything You Need To Know About Red Aspen False Lashes.”

The Key To Long-Lasting Lip Color

Lip Liner is a great way to designate where you'll apply your lip color, but it’s also a great way to make your lip color last even longer!

Red Aspen Lip Liner can be worn on its own or with your favorite Red Aspen Lip Gloss!

Once you have your lip liner applied, it can be hard to keep it from smudging or wearing off. With all the talking, smiling, singing, and eating you’ll be doing, it’s inevitable that some wear and tear will occur.

Here’s some things to avoid to keep your lip color intact for as long as possible!

Avoid Starting With Dry Lips

Starting your lip color application with dry, flaky lips can result in subpar application and shortened wear time. If you have flaky lips, your color will likely flake off. Before applying your color, exfoliate and moisturize your lips. A great lip moisturizer can be as simple as a high quality chapstick!

Give our Lavender Amethyst Moisturize & Glow Lip Mask a try! This lip mask is great for moisturizing, soothing, and nourishing your lips.

For more information about our hydrating lip mask, check out our blog, “5 Reasons to Protect Your Pout with the Lavender Amethyst Lip Mask from Red Aspen.”

Avoid Eating Oily Foods

Oily foods can deteriorate your lip color and cause it to wipe off easier. So when you’re making your dinner plans, make sure to take into account the types of food the restaurant serves. If you want to keep your lip color perfect for as long as possible, avoid yummy (yet oily) foods like french fries, cheeseburgers, and anything fresh out of the fryer!

Sometimes, fading just happens, so it's wise to bring your lip liner and lip gloss along for the ride, so that if anything should happen to your precious pout, you can reapply with no worries!

No Look Is Complete Without Nails

No matter the kind of dress you’ve chosen, false nails are the best way to tie a look together. If you want to avoid steep salon prices and the damages that salon acrylics can cause, try Red Aspen Nail Dashes!

Red Aspen Nail Dashes are false nails - in a dash! They can be applied in a short amount of time and can last anywhere between a few days, to up to two weeks, all depending on how much glue you apply!

Looking for a complete guide to Red Aspen Nail Dashes? Check out our blog with all the “Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Red Aspen Mani!”


If you haven’t chosen your outfit yet but want to get a headstart on event-prep, here are some Nail Dash suggestions to go with any fit!

Hallie Picks Peonies

Want a nail to help you radiate that pure summer energy? Hallie is your girl! Hallie is a medium coffin, hot pink nail that’s ready to help you pop! Want your toes to match? Check out Helen Picks Peonies, which will perfectly match!

Jordan's Gown

Ready to radiate like a sunny summer day? We’re ready to help! Jordan is a stunning, pink glittery medium almond nail that will catch eyes from every direction.

Extravagant Edrei

Edrei is a short square, shimmery nude nail — and she is really to help you shine the night away! Edrei is perfect for keeping it subtle, but still adding some flare to your manicure.

Nell's French Tip

Looking for a shorter nail to pair with your look? Then meet Nell! Nell is a short, square classic white french tip nail. This simple and subtle nail will keep you looking well manicured, no matter the occasion!

Tips For Making Your Nail Dashes Last

Want to keep your Dashes on for as long as possible? We’ve got you! Here are some tips to keep your nails long-lasting and as gorgeous as the day you first applied them.

Buffing Your Nails

Prior to applying any Nail Dash, it’s important to buff your natural nails. This means taking the included file/buffer, or the Red Aspen Nail Buffer Block, and gently filing the tops of your natural nails. This creates a rougher surface that’s easier for the glue to adhere to. The key is do this very gently, you don’t need to buff so hard that your nails are brittle, just enough so they’re a little rough.

Remove Nail Oils

Your nails naturally have oil built up inside them, which can be difficult for glue to stick to. To remove the natural oils and to dry your nails, use Red Aspen Nail Dehydrator and Nail Prep Pads!

To learn about the best ways to prep your nails, give our blog “How to Prep Your Nails For a Long Lasting Press-On Manicure” a read.

Choosing The Right Size

Believe it or not, choosing the right size nail can greatly impact your wear time. An ill-fitting nail is more likely to pop off prematurely - something you definitely don’t want to be stressing about in the midst of your favorite song.

For important sizing information and tips, read our blog, “How to Properly Size Red Aspen Nail Dashes.”

Have A Sensational Summer with Red Aspen Beauty Products

Red Aspen is wishing you the best of luck at your summer events. From pictures, to dinners, and to the event itself - make sure your makeup is ready to withstand the best day ever.

Check out all of our iconic summer-ready beauty and skincare products at!

Written by: Kelly Ann Asker

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