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How to Trim Your False Lashes to Perfection

One of the best things about the beauty industry is finding something new and exciting to enhance your look. From bold eyeshadow palettes to dramatic shades of lipstick or lip gloss, there's just something inherently fun about spicing up your makeup routine, especially when you can play around with products or techniques that you might have been too nervous to try out before.

As one of the easiest ways to add that perfect touch of glamor, false eyelashes (or falsies for short) have grown insanely popular over the years, and with good reason! Not only do they enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with very little effort, but they're just as easy to apply or remove, giving women everywhere a beauty shortcut that's tough to pass up.

But how do you go about finding the perfect falsies? With so many products on the market, how do you know which false lashes are the right ones for you? Moreover, what's a girl to do if the falsies she finds don't quite fit her face the way she wants them to? In this blog, we'll go over everything you need to know about fake lashes and how to pick out the perfect pair of falsies for your unique features. To top things off, we'll walk you through how to trim your fake lashes the right way to ensure you always look your best. Let's get started!

What are False Eyelashes?

First things first, before we get started on picking out the perfect pair of falsies to add to your beauty collection, it's best we do a quick refresher on what false eyelashes are. Put simply, false lashes are cosmetic extensions designed to add a little extra length, volume, and glam to your natural lashes. Commonly made of silk, faux mink hair, or synthetic fibers, they tend to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is naturally one of their better benefits as by design, they're able to comfortably fit a variety of people and eye shapes as well.

It's also important to note that there is a difference between false lashes and what are commonly referred to as eyelash extensions. For reference, false lashes come in strips or clusters that you temporarily glue to your lash line with a light adhesive. They're easy to apply, remove, and try different sets, so there's an obvious draw there. On the flip side, eyelash extensions are a bit more involved, requiring a lash artist to attach individual lashes one by one (or four at a time) to the base of your natural lash hair with more semi-permanent adhesive. While both results are beautiful in their own way, strip lashes tend to win out when it comes to versatility, as they're easier to apply, more affordable, and easier to swap out when needed.

How to Trim Your False Lashes

Now that you have a better grasp of what false eyelashes are, let's go over everything you need to know to start trimming and tailoring them to your desired look and shape. Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Choose the Right False Lashes for Your Unique Eye Shape

Ultimately, before you can start trimming or tailoring your falsies to perfection, you first have to choose the best false lashes for you based on your unique eye shape. After all, you don't want to be left wondering why some false lashes look incredible on your friends but fall short on you!

Thankfully, this process isn't all that complicated, and your eyes should fall into one of the following categories:

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are characterized by a narrower width, possessing a noticeably elegant and elongated appearance with a subtle pointedness at the outer corner of the eyes. At the same time, almond eyes tend to be wider at the center, with the upper and lower eyelids gently framing the iris in a way that almost conceals it.

For those with this eye shape, this means that you ultimately want to choose false lashes that enhance this natural allure. In other words, you want to opt for false lashes that offer an even distribution of length and volume along the entire band. This helps to complement the natural curvature of almond eyes, giving them a look that's more harmonious overall.

Round Eyes

Showcasing a more playful and youthful charm, round eyes tend to be on the larger side, effortlessly capturing the attention of anyone who might be looking. They tend to showcase more of the whites of the eyes (especially beneath the iris), and this helps to create an open and inviting gaze that's tough to resist! Best of all, round eyes tend to be more symmetrical, meaning their height and width are similar across both for a look that's well-balanced and totally captivating.

For those blessed with round eyes, this means that you want to choose false eyelashes that complement this perfect balance. Playful lashes with some added drama are best, especially toward the outer corners. Not only does this add that perfect touch of glamor, but it also creates a subtle cat-eye effect, giving your eyes an elongated and flirty vibe that's easy to fall in love with.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a kind of invisible crease magic that's hard to ignore, characterized by a more prominent brow bone and a bit more skin above the crease of the eye.

For those with hooded eyes, opt for falsies that are longer in the center and taper at the ends. Not only does this help to create a sense of openness, but it gives the illusion of added depth as well. Ultimately, this helps to enhance the natural beauty of hooded eyes while also opening them up for a more radiant look. In a nutshell, this means keeping things on the shorter side and shying away from the big, voluptuous lashes that can overwhelm your eyes entirely.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are characterized by an almost invisible crease and an upper eyelid that's smoothly covered by skin.

Women with monolid eyes also have some of the more fun options when it comes to false lashes, as their mesmerizing eye shape lends itself to a variety of fun and flirty strip lash types. Focus on wispy, fluttery strip lashes with crisscross layers, as they help to add a touch of drama that won't overwhelm the natural elegance of your eye shape. In addition, look for false lashes that curl and flare, as the openness they create is truly captivating.

In essence, this means that similar to those with hooded eyes, you'll want to steer clear of heavy, voluptuous lashes that can potentially overpower your eyes. Stick with lashes that are light and fluttery, and you'll quickly find that your eyes rightfully become the focal point of your overall look!

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are characterized by outer corners that gracefully slope below the center of the pupils.

If you're among those with downturned eyes, this means you'll want to opt for falsies that work in harmony with your eye shape. Focus on lashes that flare out and elongate your eyes, as this will help to create a more beautiful and balanced overall look. Wispy and natural-looking lashes are best, especially false lashes with more length at the upper outer corner. Not only does this add a subtle lift, but it perfectly accentuates the unique beauty of downturned eyes.

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are characterized by a shape that sits deeper in the socket, featuring a more prominent brow bone similar to hooded eyes.

For women with this mesmerizing eye shape, upping your lash game is also incredibly easy. Since the goal is to bring the eyes forward and accentuate their depth, you start by choosing falsies that offer a bit of extra length and curl. Long and wispy lashes will quickly become your best friends, as they'll serve to gracefully open up your eyes and enhance their overall size. In other words, don't be afraid to go for lashes that add a little drama! In the end, it's all about striking that perfect balance to showcase the unique beauty of your eyes.

Step 2: Gather Up Your Lash Tools

Okay! So you've found the perfect false lashes and you're ready to try them out. It's time to start trimming them down to the perfect size, so you'll need to make sure you have the proper lash tools in place. These include:

  • Your preferred False Lashes in whatever style you're most excited to try.
  • A quality pair of Mini Lash Scissors so that you can precisely trim the lash band to fit the shape of your eye.
  • An easy-to-use Lash Applicator to make application of your lashes smooth and simple.
  • A specialized Lash Adhesive and Eyeliner duo to ensure your false lashes stay comfortably in place.

Step 3: Measure Your False Lashes

Once you have all your lash tools gathered, it's time to measure your falsies to make sure everything looks good. You want your lashes to fit perfectly the first go-around, so a little extra preparation goes a long way!

Start by carefully removing your new false lashes from their container with your lash applicator tool. Next, hold the lash up to your lash line and allow the inner corner to touch where your natural lashes begin. From there, lay the strip lash across the rest of your lash line to see how everything measures up. Ideally, the false lash should measure the same width as your natural eyelashes. If the lash strip is longer, this means we'll need to do some trimming in just a bit (more on that just below). However, if your strip lashes are the same width or even a tad shorter than your natural lashes, congrats! You won't have to trim a thing!

Step 4: Carefully Trim Your False Eyelashes

In a perfect world, you'll find a great pair of false lashes that fit the first time. However, on the off chance you need to do a little trimming, it's best to know how to do so properly so you don't risk having to repurchase and wait for a new pair! Thankfully, trimming your false lashes is pretty simple:

  1. Start by carefully holding your false lash with your Lash Applicator Tool.
  2. Take your Lash Mini Scissors and carefully trim the outer corner of the band based on your previous measurements. Remember, you only want to trim from the outer corner of the band, and you only want to trim a little at a time to avoid overdoing it. Also, never, ever attempt to trim your false lashes while wearing them. Not only does this risk damage to the lash, but it risks damage to your eyes as well. Not worth it!
  3. Repeat the above for both sets of falsies and voila! Beautifully trimmed falsies in a snap!

Find the Best Fake Lashes for Any Look with Red Aspen

At the end of the day, every girl deserves to enjoy the benefits of fabulous, fluttery lashes. Whether you're a seasoned beauty expert or you're a total newbie to falsies, you owe it to yourself to look into how a beautiful pair of fake lashes can improve all your favorite looks!

From long, wispy cat-eye lashes to softer, more natural-looking sets, reach out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador today to learn how you can find the best fake lashes for any occasion! 

Written by: Kerry Cron

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