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Tracking the Trends: What False Eyelash Looks are Trending And How to Achieve Them

Red carpet season is in its prime, and along with it, your favorite celebrities are trendsetting once again. 

Whether your favorite celebrity was rocking an extravagant gown or a simple slip dress, they all have one thing in common: Flawless makeup.

A lot of celebrity looks seem hard to replicate, after all - we don’t all have our own personal makeup artists! But you too can achieve a look to be envious of with the right tools, high-quality products, and a few tips and tricks.

So … What’s “In” Right Now?

Depending on your favorite singer, actress, or influencer, you’ve probably seen a lot of different looks, but let’s dive into the biggest trends we’re seeing now.

Cat-eye eyeliner has always been a trend, and no surprise it’s coming back around again with a bit of a twist. Now, people are recreating the cat eye effect using false lashes.

Wispy, natural eyelashes have always been a fun bit of flare to add to a look while keeping it subtle. Whether you want to wear natural lashes with bare skin or a full face of makeup, you’ll be akin to many celebrities out there. 

This style of lash is perfect for accentuating your natural lashes, adding a touch more volume, and achieving increased length without using a bold lash that may overpower a subtle look.

Dramatic, flirty lashes are often the centerpiece of many celebrity makeup looks. Dramatic lashes can be a statement piece or they can be worn alongside extravagant makeup. 

Lower false lashes have also been a hot topic, meant to accentuate the appearance of your natural lower lashes. Placing false lashes on your bottom lash line may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they definitely make a statement.

Lash style is all up to you, the look you desire, and maybe even the celebrity you want to take inspiration from. 

What Makes Lashes Different From One Another?

If you don’t have much experience with false lashes, they can all end up looking almost the same. So let’s talk about the discerning features.

Cat Eye Lashes

Cat eye lashes have shorter hairs towards the inner corner of your eye, and as the lash crosses your lash line to the outer edge, the hairs get longer and fuller.

This design helps to keep your inner corner short and subtle, while adding the right amount of flare and length to your outer corner - creating the cat eye effect.

Red Aspen has five cat eye lash options: Zoe, Leana, Kathy, Courtney, and Jeana. Each lash features a different length, material, and thickness so you can find what’s right for you.


Wispy Lashes

Subtle, natural lashes are defined by their wispy appearance and small hair fibers that extend slightly past the bulk to create a lengthening effect. 

Similar to cat eye lashes, there are different varieties of wispy lashes to lengthen or thicken your lash appearance. You just have to decide the style you want!

With 9 wispy lash options, there is no doubt you can find one to compliment any look you’re going for. Check out Maive, Laina, Sandrine, Andi, Chesca, Camille, Mina, Reese, and Joy for all of our wispy options!

Bottom Lashes

Bottom lashes can be more difficult to achieve due to a thinner and less-disguisable lash line, but mini lashes are the best option to get more length and volume on your lower lashes. Check out Emmy, our favorite mini lash.

Bold Lashes

Last, but certainly not least, our bold, dramatic lashes. Dramatic lashes are composed of multiple layers of hair fibers to create a 3-D lash that will surely catch eyes.

Check out Addison, Kiana, Dani, Bella, Gigi, Judy, and Miss. With one of these girls by your side, you’re sure to stun. 

How Do I Achieve These Looks?

Creating any of these trending lash styles is easy as long as you have the right lashes and tools! Red Aspen has the perfect lash you need to construct your dream lash look.

Here are the techniques you can use to rock the red carpet (or your at-home carpet) just as well as your favorite celebs.

Cat eye lashes can be created in two different ways. The first is using cat eye style strip lashes. 

The other way this look can be achieved is using Red Aspen Mini Lashes. Mini lashes are smaller strips that can be used individually or you can use multiple to create a fuller look.

To achieve the mini lash cat eye, simply place one mini lash on the outer corner of your lash line and voilà! You’re rocking the cat eye! 

All lashes have one thing in common - application is key. With poor application, you risk poor appearance and poor wear-time. But don’t worry, Red Aspen has the tools to make lash application an easy, stress free process. You’ll be ready to be a professional makeup artist in no time!

Red Aspen Lash Tools

Lash Curler

When you think of lash tools, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it’s an eyelash curler! Since 1931, lash curlers have been helping women to lift and curl their natural lashes upward. 

Red Aspen’s Lash Curler is meant to do just that. This trusty rose gold colored tool is here to give your lashes a long-lasting curl. Lash curlers can be used for false lashes as well. Overtime, false lashes may lose their curl, and gently lifting them with a curler is a great way to revive their shape.

Shear Perfection Lash & Brow Mini Scissors

Most full strip lashes need to be trimmed to flawlessly fit your lash line, that’s why Red Aspen made Shear Perfection Lash & Brow Mini Scissors. These sleek, stainless steel mini scissors will help to snip away any excess lash!

Lash Comb

It’s no secret that eyelashes are unruly, especially your natural ones. Mascara seems to clump, sometimes glue gets everywhere, and why are these two lashes always determined to stick together? It’s stressful trying to fix everything with your fingers and mascara wand, so now you don’t have to. 


Our Lash Comb is a compact mini-comb that is used by gently combing it through your lashes. This is a great tool to use to help your lashes look perfect every time and a great tool if you're planning on pairing mascara and false lashes together.

Lash Applicator

While some use tweezers and others use their fingers, there’s no denying that a Lash Applicator is the easiest way to get perfect placement. Our bright pink Lash Applicator is key to a simple and long-lasting application. 

Be A Trendsetter, or Trend Follower - Up To You!

Whether you’re here to lead the way with innovative new trends, or ready to replicate your favorite celeb looks, Red Aspen has the perfect lashes and lash tools to help you attain the style you desire.

To view all Red Aspen Lashes and Lash Tools, visit!

Written by: Red Aspen

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