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How to Sharpen Your Lip Liner Like a Pro

It's no secret that your lip liner (otherwise known as a lip pencil) is one of the most important pieces of your makeup kit. One quick swipe is all it takes for a fuller-looking, more defined pout, and the chance to promote long-lasting color and prevent your favorite lipsticks from feathering is too good to pass up! Not only that, but the hunt for the perfect shade of velvety liner is never-ending. You're bound to discover new shades eventually, and it's tough to choose between a pretty chestnut, cherrywood, or cocoa shade, or a beautiful berry or manganese violet shade with a rich color payoff and long-lasting finish.

That said, even the best lip liner needs a little TLC now and again. Fail to keep your lip liner properly sharpened, and you risk having it skip, tug, or fail to draw crisp lines. Yikes! Not only that but given their waxy texture, it's super easy to see your favorite liner break or crumble at the tip, leaving you with the teeniest amount of product and a whole lot of heartache.

Thankfully, there's a foolproof system you can use to keep your lip liner shaped, sharpened, and ready to give you your best lip looks at a moment's notice. It all boils down to having the right tools for the job and the right technique! In this blog, we'll go over everything you need to know to sharpen your lip liner like a pro, with additional tips you can use to keep your favorite lip pencils looking their best for longer. Let's get started!

Choose the Best Color Lip Liner Available to You

Whether you're a total newbie to lip liners or a seasoned pro looking for a few new shades, it's always important to look for the best possible product in your price range. While the right color is a huge consideration, it's even more important to take a good look at the ingredients used in the lip liners that catch your eye.

Best Color Lip Liner

For instance, a smooth, non-feathering lip liner infused with jojoba oil will do wonders for your lips, nourishing and healing dry lips with very little effort. Additionally, titanium dioxide is essential for providing the solid color required for an effective lip liner, meaning you'll likely come across a variety of brands featuring this as a primary component. While these are just a few examples, they serve to highlight the importance of doing your homework when it comes to what you put on your body. Your skin (and your lips) are precious, so it only makes sense to treat them with the best products and formulas available to you!

Invest in a Quality Lip Pencil Sharpener

It might surprise you, but one of the easiest ways to keep your lip liner properly sharpened is to invest in a quality lip liner sharpener from the very beginning. The fact is, not all lip liner sharpeners are created equal. If the hole is too large, it can break or crack the delicate texture of your lip pencils rather quickly. On top of that, there are tons of lip pencil sharpeners on the market all promising the same results, making it tough to pick the right one!

Quality Lip Pencil Sharpener

For this reason, specialty lip liner sharpeners like Red Aspen's Ultimate Pencil Sharpener are designed with premium cosmetic pencils in mind. Featuring a movable, built-in second blade system, you can change the lip pencil point option from round to sharp and back again with a simple flick of a lever! Not only that, but the removable, built-in cleaning sticks make blade cleaning a breeze, meaning you never have to stress whether your lip pencil sharpener is going to go out at the worst moment.

Pop Your Lip Pencil Into the Fridge Before Sharpening

Another neat little trick to keep your lip liners in tip-top shape is to pop them into the fridge for about 5-10 minutes before sharpening. It's true! The chilled temperatures work wonders for the soft, creamy formula of your favorite color lip liners, making them less lumpy and less likely to break during sharpening.

This is especially helpful if you live somewhere warmer and more humid, as the extra humidity can quickly cause your favorite lip liners to become melty and hard to manage. Remember, once chilled, your lip liner should be firm enough to sharpen cleanly. Don't overdo it (set a timer!), and you'll have a trick you can use for all of your favorite shades moving forward!

Take Your Time Sharpening Your Lip Pencil

Speaking of not overdoing things, it should go without saying that you want to take your time when sharpening your lip pencil. A light touch is always best, and you'll want to hold your lip liner sharpener on a firm, even surface and use gentle, even motions for the best results. Let's break down the actual sharpening of your pencil using Red Aspen's Ultimate Pencil Sharpener as a reference.

Step 1. Open the plastic cover on the side of the lip pencil sharpener that best matches your lip pencil's diameter. The pink adapter is removable to accommodate jumbo pencils, so take advantage of that! 

Step 2. Move the lever on the side of the lip pencil sharpener toward the pencil to create a sharp point, and away from the pencil to create a more rounded point. A more rounded edge will give a more natural look.

Step 3. To sharpen, turn the lip pencil in the direction of the sharp point of the blade. Repeat as needed, being mindful to keep things slow and steady.

Clean Your Lip Liner Sharpener Regularly

Once you're satisfied with the sharpness (or roundness) of your lip pencil's edge, it's time to tidy things up. Thankfully, cleaning your lip pencil sharpener is fairly basic.

Start by removing the plastic cover and discarding any pencil shavings that may be left over. From there, use the plastic built-in cleaning stick to safely remove any product remnants from the blade. It's that easy!

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Favorite Lip Liners

Now that you know the best method for sharpening your lip liner to perfection, let's go over some extra tips you can use to get the most out of your favorite color lip liners!

Store Your Lip Liners Correctly

We mentioned this above, but one of the easiest ways to keep your lip liners looking their best is to store them properly. After all, even the best lip liner is susceptible to drying out or breaking without the proper care.

Similar to your favorite long-wearing lipstick, it's best to keep your go-to lip liners in a cool and dry place. This helps them to maintain their consistency and prevent them from melting. Additionally, you'll want to store your lip liners vertically to minimize air exposure and reduce the chances of them drying out. You might even consider using individual pencil caps or a container of your choosing to protect the tip of each lip liner, as this can also help to prevent breakage.

Take Precautions to Prevent Lip Liner Breakage

Few things are more frustrating than a broken lip liner, especially if you've finally found a formula you love. Thankfully, there are some surefire steps you can take to prevent an unhappy mishap.

For starters, you'll want to avoid applying any excess pressure when using lip liners. That snapping sound is the worst! Next, you'll want to remember what we mentioned above about putting your lip liners in the fridge before sharpening them. This will also help to reduce the chances of breakage. Last but certainly not least, try and opt for lip liners with creamier textures, as these tend to be more flexible and much less prone to breakage.

Avoid Exposing Your Lip Liners to Extreme Temperatures

If there's one thing that can ruin an otherwise great lip liner, it's extreme temperatures. Heat sources such as direct sunlight or the radiator in your bathroom are super detrimental to lip liner formulas, causing them to dry out, melt, or become misshapen if exposed for too long.

If you happen to live in a cooler climate, it's also easy for your lip liners to become too hard, making it tempting to want to heat them up quickly so that you can use them faster. Avoid the temptation to take shortcuts! Instead, roll the lip liner between your thumb and index finger or rub it between your hands before using. This will help to soften up the formula and ensure smooth application of your preferred lip look.

Enjoy Your Most Beautiful Lip Looks with Long-lasting Lip Liner from Red Aspen

At the end of the day, every girl deserves a lip liner that glides on seamlessly and lasts for as long as they need it to. Whether you're new to lip liners altogether or you've been casually seeking out some better shades, the above information should help you extend the lifespan of your lip color pencils, especially once it comes time to sharpen them.

As an industry-leading beauty and cosmetics company, Red Aspen has designed our lip liners to effortlessly line, fill, and define your lips for a fuller-looking pout in a single stroke. Even better, you can pair them with our iconic lip gloss shades for a variety of bold and beautiful lip looks! Reach out to a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador today to learn how you can add velvety, long-lasting lip liner from Red Aspen to your makeup bag!

Written by: Red Aspen

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